Was it Andre Agassi who always used to tell us that “image was everything” on those annoying camera commercials?

At any rate, while I think he perhaps exaggerated the point slightly for advertising purposes, there’ s definitely something to be said for projecting a winning, confident image throughout all of your professional endeavors — especially if you’re currently on the prowl for a new assignment.  And while I hate to say it, there are WAY too many people out there right now who don’t seem really “put together” in terms of how they dress, carry themselves, or represent themselves on LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Thankfully, there are two GREAT consultants in the Seattle area who can help with this issue!  What’s more, each of them has a special promotional deal coming up that I thought might be of particular interest to members of the Career Horizons audience, so I decided to promote both of these items in one fell swoop:

#1: Tara Gimmer — Business Headshot Photo Session ($99)

Local photographer Tara Gimmer (who I use for all of my corporate photos) has alerted me that she’s hosting a special “business headshot” photo shoot on Friday, 2/4, between 10am and 3pm.  This session includes a 20-minute photo shoot, followed by help selecting the most flattering image, which she’ll then touch up and have delivered back to you within a week.  Just so you know, a similar private shoot at Tara’s studio would cost $230 — and still be well worth it — so I’d encourage those of you needing a fresh photo (especially for LinkedIn) to take advantage of this opportunity, since it’s more than half off the normal rate!

For more information or to reserve your spot, click here!

#2: Kim Crumpler — 5 Complimentary Personal Style Consultations

In addition to Tara’s special package, above, I’m also excited to promote the expertise of Kim Crumpler, an experienced “Personal Style & Branding Coach/Personal Shopper” who specializes in helping people look/dress/present themselves for maximum impact.

Owner of the Uniquely Savvy consulting firm since 2000, Kim is passionate about “helping professional men and women align their visual brand (packaging) with their internal product (personality, passions, skills, talents, abilities, lifestyle) so that they attract the most out of their professional efforts.”  She’s not only extremely good at what she does, she’s a friend of the firm — and I’d invite any of you out there to visit her website at www.uniquelysavvy.com if you want to learn more about what she does or consider setting up an appointment to have her work her magic on you.

In the interim, however, Kim has graciously offered to provide a complimentary “3-Point First Impression” consultation to the first five Career Horizons blog readers who get in touch with her.  All you have to do is e-mail a professional photo of yourself to [email protected] and Kim will review it with her expert eye, then email you back three constructive pieces of feedback/advice in terms of how you objectively come across, what your image says about you, and how you best might be able to augment your image for even greater impact.  So if you’ve ever wondered whether you give off the impressions you THINK you’re giving off out there on the networking and interviewing circuit, here’s your chance to find out!

Again, image may not be everything, but it’s no slouch, either!  If you’ve let yourself slide a little bit and are due for perhaps a little (ahem) attention in this area, Tara and Kim certainly have the expert know-how to help…