Call me crazy, but after months of seeing the airwaves saturated with depressing developments, I was struck by the fact that I saw not one, not two, but THREE distinctly positive stories today on the news!

Stock market rallies
ACS is hiring 200 call center positions in Auburn
AT&T hiring 3,000 positions

I know, I know.  These little “glimmers of hope” may not be the harbinger of any huge economic turnaround, in the short term, but holy cow were they still refreshing to see — kind of like that one fragile little flower bud that’s poking out of the snow in my yard…

Keep in mind, too, that the condition of the marketplace is almost entirely based on consumer psychology, so if a few positive stories like these continue to materialize, we might eventually reach a tipping point that starts moving things back in the right direction.  The recovery has got to start somewhere, right?  It’s never easy to see such things at the time, but looking back, there WILL be a day (if not today, another day) that historians look back on and say “That was the day after things hit rock-bottom and the market started to finally turn around…”

So again, perhaps these three stories were isolated incidents, and possess no symbolic value whatsoever, but something in me still felt compelled to share them — because I know they made ME feel temporarily hopeful, and that’s a feeling I know has been in short supply as of late!