As always, I’ve spent a good chunk of time this past month scanning the seas of cyberspace in search of high-quality articles, resources, and fresh ideas related to career success.  Many of my clients have continued to forward along some of their favorite websites and resources, too, which I always appreciate!  Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best and most thought-provoking articles I’ve turned up over the past weeks…

Item #1: LinkedIn Discussion Thread on “If your job search goes beyond 12 months, should you change anything?”

Believe it or not, it’s now been almost exactly a year since the big Wall Street meltdown started taking place last fall, and as a consequence of this (at least in part) there are now quite a few job hunters approaching the one-year mark in their search efforts — with many now having even surpassed this point.  The question that comes up, therefore, is whether individuals should alter their strategy in any major way after having been between assignments for so long.  The above LinkedIn discussion thread offers some quality insight into this issue and is worth a read for anybody who has found themselves in a period of prolonged unemployment.

Item #2: U.S. News and World Report article entitled “New study reveals secrets to finding a job”

This article discusses an empirical study by the University of Missouri regarding the specific attitudes/behaviors that lead to improved job search success, bringing a scientific dimension into play that is not usually found in a field where subjective opinions typically reign supreme.  The long and short of it is that the study’s authors found that “developing and following a plan at the start of your job search, and having positive emotions later in the job search” were the two most significant contributing factors to success.  Luckily, these two findings dovetail nicely with our own approach to the job search process, and if you want to track down some further information about the study (warning: it gets pretty clinical!) you can click here to access some additional details.

Item #3: Interns Over 40 Blog Posting on “100 tips & tools for job hunters over 45”

Since a large number of our firm’s clients are past the age of 40, and many are seriously thinking about pursuing a new career path, the concept of a whole blog devoted to this subject is a pretty intriguing one.  So I’ve started following the Interns Over 40 blog, described here, which focuses on helping people in this age group deal with the unique challenges (and opportunities) involved in reinventing themselves, career-wise.  As an example of the content this resource contains, the link above takes you to a list of “100 tips and tools” that older workers should consider for enhancing their job search prospects.  Of all the suggestions listed, tip #42 “aim to break stereotypes” was my favorite.  And while few of the ideas on the remainder of the list were all that revolutionary, it’s still a great resource for folks in the 45+ age bracket to review!