Each month, as I pore through hundreds of career and job search articles that my newsfeed reader drags in, I bookmark a small handful that I feel would be especially useful to my client base — or that I feel really say something highly original/profound about the process of finding work.  This month, three specific articles caught my eye, and I’d like to wrap up July by steering you along to these interesting, well-crafted posts!

Title: And You’re Saying This To Me, Because???
Author: Billie Sucher, Billiesucher.com Career Transition Services
Link: http://www.careerhubblog.com/main/2009/07/and-youre-saying-this-to-me-because.html
Synopsis: Ms. Sucher shares her thoughts on what you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T say to your friends in the event they get laid off; some great food for thought that will help you avoid the kneejerk responses many people blurt out — and that can sound annoyingly patronizing!

Title: 10 Boilerplate Phrases That Kill Resumes
Author: Liz Ryan, The Savvy Networker
Link: http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-experts-10_boilerplate_phrases_that_kill_resumes-97
Synopsis: Short and sweet, Ms. Ryan outlines her “top 10” list of the most cliched language job hunters should avoid using on their resume; I agree with virtually all of her selections, and would also add “self-motivated” and “seasoned” to the list in terms of trite, ineffective terminology.  And if I’ve written a resume for you that contains one of these phrases, my deepest apologies, and I’ll gladly retool the offending passage at no charge!

Title: Job Sites Get Personal
Author: Sarah Needleman, WSJ.com
Link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203577304574276082918038074.html
Synopsis: This article, which is more of an objective research piece than the other two articles, above, discusses the emerging genre of “job matching sites” (e.g. Jobfox.com, Trovix.com, etc.) and explores whether this newfangled technology truly lives up to its promise — and delivers qualified job leads to your e-mail box with no muss and no fuss!

Have YOU come across a career-related article that you feel is unusually insightful?  If so, please pass it along!  I always love to hear what types of resources, articles, and postings out there are resonating most with those of you in transition — and will continue to cross-post the really good ones so that everybody can benefit from their wisdom!

P.S. And while we’re at it, here’s another link you might find pretty useful…