Oh how I’ve loved you over the years.  You’ve been an old friend.  A trusted companion.  A tool that I could consistently rely upon to save my clients literally hundreds of hours of wasted time during the course of their job search, given your amazing ability to “aggregate” job leads from nearly every other source on the web — storing them all in one single, searchable place.

Now, however, after quite an amazing run, it’s become irrefutable (in my opinion) that you’ve now slipped to second place, and that you’re getting your clock cleaned by perennial challenger!

The evidence?  For the past year, as I’ve set up hundreds of client job searches on both the Indeed and Simplyhired platforms, I’ve noticed that the number of Simplyhired leads that pop up now seems to consistently surpass the number found on Indeed — in some cases, to a degree that’s almost double!

Some quick side-by-side comparisons?

# of Current CFO Jobs on Indeed: 1,082
# of Current CFO Jobs on Simplyhired: 1,250

# of Current Executive Assistant Jobs on Indeed: 3,657
# of Current Executive Assistant Jobs on Simplyhired: 4,713

# of Current Business Analyst Jobs on Indeed: 17,426
# of Current CFO Jobs on Simplyhired: 21,955

# of Current Marketing Executive Jobs on Indeed: 14,713
# of Current CFO Jobs on Simplyhired: 21,967

# of Current Human Resource Jobs on Indeed: 9,135
# of Current Human Resource Jobs on Simplyhired: 10,764

In running these tests, I’ve tried my best to keep the variables identical and make a true apples-to-apples comparison, so unless there’s some factor I’m overlooking (e.g. length of time posted? better quality control of leads? less duplication? ) the results are pretty clear and convincing.  In every single case, a significantly higher number of leads shows up on Simplyhired than Indeed.  And even if there ARE a few mitigating factors I’m missing, again, I’m far from a novice user of these systems, so I think the general “off-the-street” experience of most job hunters is going to parallel my conclusions, above.

The takeaway?  While diehard job hunters might still search (and set up daily alerts on) both Indeed and Simplyhired, just to be thorough, casual or fully-employed job seekers may decide not to take the time to sift through the massive overlap in jobs that occurs between the two sites — and may just take their chances, instead, using a single one of these boards for the sake of convenience.  If that’s the case, Simplyhired is definitely the way to roll.  In a single sweep, if you code your search right, you’ll turn up the vast majority (90%? 95%?) of all relevant job listings from throughout the Internet — without having to look separately under the 49,000 other “rocks” where an obscure lead might be hiding!

So in closing, I just wanted to chime in and let everybody know about this “changing of the guard” if you haven’t already discovered it for yourself.  While Indeed is still an admirable site, and might be worth a regular visit in some situations, Simplyhired has made a significant change in their coverage strategy or algorithm that seems to end up netting far more jobs, at the end of the day.

P.S.  And if you’re TRULY a job search diehard, you might even check out the “bronze medal” aggregator site,, which only retrieves job listings posted directly on company websites — versus the paid listings on sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.  Again, there will be a significant amount of overlap between the listings you’d turn up on this site versus the ones you’ll find on Indeed and SimplyHired, but it still might be worth a quick evaluation!