Item #6: & the SVP “Encore Careers” Program (

“Never before have so many people with so much knowledge, energy, and talent had so much time to do something that really lasts.”

This quote is the one that stuck with me most upon recently viewing a promotional video for, a unique organization dedicated towards matching mature workers up with meaningful projects, initiatives, and non-profits that could benefit from their talents.  While the Encore organization itself is based in the Bay Area, I was excited to learn that there is a local tie-in, as well, as the site has teamed up with Seattle-based Social Venture Partners (SVP) to help get the word out about the concept — and recruit some additional participants.

To learn far more about this concept than I’m able to share in this simple blog, I’d suggest you not only visit the main site linked above, but also check out the SVP page shared below that answers a number of questions about the model and includes a number of highly informative videos:

As you’ll note, the website provides clear instructions for how interested “contributors” can sign up to participate in the program and possibly receive an Encore Fellowship — in addition to walking through the process that non-profit organizations can follow to apply for potential grant funding and/or talent support from the Encore organization.

Based on my read of things, it appears that the ideal candidate for the program is an experienced executive near the tail end of their career who is seeking to “give back” and get more involved in the not-for-profit world.  Additionally, at least in terms of the Seattle arm of the project, the philanthropic emphasis seems to lean heavily on supporting youth-serving organizations and NPO’s involved in environmental issues such as climate change, water, transportation, and the like.

All in all, it’s an ambitious and exciting initiative, and one that appears to represent a win/win/win for all of the various parties involved.  So for anybody who is highly civic-minded, even those who might not necessarily have worked at the executive level, I’d suggest you review the above links to learn more about the program — and see how you might be able to get involved!