Item #5: Haiku Deck (

I’ve always been a fan of tools that do one thing — and do it very well.

On that note, if you find yourself in need of banging out a quick, portable, and visually-inspiring presentation of any kind for your job search efforts — or for any other business purpose — I’d highly recommend you check out  This unassuming site is basically a hyper-streamlined version of PowerPoint, more or less.  It’s designed to facilitate creative thinking and speed up the presentation-building process by providing a series of built-in templates for assembling a perosn’s core talking points and text, after which it reviews your content and suggests powerful, relevant, and high-quality imagery that you can then insert at the touch of a button to bring your presentation to life.

It’s a pretty slick system.  And as for the applications for the tool?  The sky’s the limit, business-wise, but in terms of some specific uses that might relate to the career and job hunting world, these include 1) Designing a short slide deck outlining your capabilities, goals, and targets for sharing with people in networking conversations; 2) Creating a bio and portfolio of work samples to showcase during a consulting pitch; or 3) Capturing a set of ideas, recommendations, or perhaps even a “90-Day Plan” that you could use in the interview process.  On this latter note, you could even use your slide deck to pitch a company, cold turkey, in terms of the types of solutions you could provide to them and why they can’t (or shouldn’t) live without you.

Again, the possibilities are many, but given that the world seems to have a shrinking attention span and to respond well to highly visual presentations where “a picture is worth a thousand words” so to speak, the elegant and simple functionality of Haiku Deck can be a useful addition to one’s arsenal!