Item #4: Veteran-Owned Business List (

Among all the other things we have to be thankful for this time of year, let’s not overlook the sacrifices and contributions made by our fellow citizens that serve (or have served) in the Armed Forces.  Let’s also appreciate that the process of transitioning into civilian life can present an extra degree of difficulty for such individuals, given that many of the responsibilities and accomplishments involved in military service don’t readily “translate” into the private sector.

If you’re a veteran yourself, however, or know somebody with military service who is seeking a new opportunity, one great resource to steer them to is the website  As the name implies, this site provides a comprehensive list of all the organizations in the country that are owned by veterans, and as a result, one would hope and assume that a job candidate with military service under his/her belt would get farther, faster, in terms of pitching themselves to one of these enterprises.

If you visit the Washington State page on the site, for example, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of diverse businesses listed — and to narrow these organizations down by industry and/or product category, as I’d recommend, you can simply hit CTRL-F and search for an appropriate keyword like wireless, engineering, software, retail, or the like.

Additionally, and along the same lines, I’d also recommend that veterans in transition visit the Advanced People Search page on LinkedIn and hunt for phrases like “armed forces” or “military service” or “veteran-owned” in the Keywords box.  Or search for terms like Army, Navy, or Air Force in the “School” or “Company” fields of the site.  Such searches represent yet another way a person with military service could proactively turn up the set of local contacts and employers most likely to understand their unique background—and where it might effectively translate into a viable career within the private sector.