Item #11: Geekwire Startup List (

While I’m constantly correcting folks who complain that Seattle is strictly a “technology town” and doesn’t play host to many employers in other industries, let’s face it, we certainly DO have our share of tech firms here in the area.  In fact, I think we can consider ourselves fortunate that so many technical ventures get started here in the Puget Sound region, given the economic stability this industry provides.

So who is the next Microsoft?  Or  Or Tableau Software?  Well, there are thousands of budding organizations around town who would love to follow in the footsteps of these highly successful firms — and for those job seekers potentially interested in joining an early-stage venture, the folks at Geekwire have assembled a terrific list you’ll definitely want to check out.  Actually, to be more precise, they haven’t built this list of start-ups themselves.  They’ve instead created a platform (smart move on their part!) that has enticed a huge number of local ventures to participate, identify themselves, and list their most current contact information.

So if you haven’t yet come across this resource, try visiting the link at the top of this article and giving it a whirl.  The entrepreneurial spirit will amaze you and if you poke around on a few of the sites listed, you’ll likely be inspired to see the massive array of new business ideas that are being pursued around town.  While you’re at it, make sure you don’t miss the handy “category menu” and “keyword search” options at the top of the page, too, since these tools will help you quickly narrow down the list to the types of organizations that best fit your background and interests.

All in all, while there are numerous other databases out there that one could consult for researching up-and-coming technology organizations, I haven’t come across one yet that offers the depth and real-time accuracy of the Geekwire portal.  And behind every one of these start-ups?  You’ll find a visionary owner and team of investors who, if all goes well, will be needing to add staff at some point in the future…