Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  Hope you all have some relaxing, festive plans in store for the day.  And while I’m going to have to pitch in shortly and start doing my time in the kitchen, myself, I wanted to fire off at least a token post today to send warm wishes to you all — as well to pass along a short posting from another blogger, Jazz Shaw, that I found highly inspirational.


While I was planning to write a similar post myself, from scratch, I came across this article during my research and felt it expressed all of the sentiments I had hoped to convey about remembering how “lucky” we all are to live in this particular country — at this particular time in history.  No matter what your individual circumstances might be, and how tough it can be at times to keep things in perspective, there are definitely many current realities we can all be extraordinarily thankful for if we take the time to reflect on them.

In fact, I feel even more strongly about this given that I’ve been reading a great book called the “People’s History of the United States” these past few days — which chronicles all the war, pain, sacrifice, and other challenges we’ve overcome in the last 200 years to get where we are today.  As easy as it might be to romanticize the good old days of decades past, and despite the fact that we have some serious issues to figure out in the near future, as a society, a few chapters of this book will sober you right up and make you realize that we’ve still got it awfully darn good, by any standard of comparison.

Hope you all have a terrific day surrounded by folks you love and care about — and my thanks and acknowledgment again to Mr. Shaw, who I haven’t met, for authorizing such an uplifting and inspirational piece for us to contemplate over our turkey dinners!