Want to know the true definition of “failure” in a job search? When you’ve reached out to every possible company that could hire you in your local area and been told, repeatedly and categorically, that you have zero chance of ever working there. Luckily, this never happens. NEVER. Because while many job hunters may feel that they’ve knocked on every door in the market, there are always more companies to pursue if you dig deep enough — and you can always circle back around to the companies you’ve contacted earlier, too, after a month or so, to see if any new needs have cropped up.

So if you’ve already touched base with some of the more obvious targets in town that could use your skills, it’s time to get creative, and find some more “fuel” to put into your job search hopper. Below are several new on-line company directories we’ve come across in recent weeks, in addition to the regular directories and company research sources we’ve promoted in the past:

• Electronics Manufacturers Association: Directory of electronics-related companies throughout Washington State, emphasizing those firms that use Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology

• Washington Clean Technology Alliance: Directory of Washington companies that support sustainable business practices, “green” industry, and clean technology development

• Seattle 24×7 NetCo Directory: Outstanding list of Internet-related companies throughout Seattle, including Internet advertising, streaming media, and e-commerce organizations

• AIA Architectural Firm Directory: Searchable directory of architectural design firms and related consulting/engineering service firms throughout the Seattle area.

None of the above lists are relevant to your search, you say? If this is the case, try searching Google using the keyword phrase “industry AND (seattle OR “washington state” OR “pacific northwest”) AND (membership OR directory OR database)” replacing the word “industry” with an appropriate term that fits your ideal company niche — and not including the quotation marks on each side of the keyword phrase.

Additionally, we just discovered that the Puget Sound Business Journal is now selling its famous “Top 25” lists on an ala carte basis, over the Internet, instead of relying on people to track down a back issue or wait for the full Book of Lists to come out each year. These lists average around $15 apiece, but the data is exceedingly accurate, so to review a complete index of the lists available, click here!