What can I say?  When it rains, it pours, and after sharing some insights from a newly-hired individual in my blog article yesterday, I’ve gotten word of a few OTHER recent success stories among the Career Horizons community — and one of these individuals has also kindly given me permission to share his insights about the experience with my blog audience at large!  Here’s what he had to say:

“Matt: I am happy to share some good news with you!  I was offered a position this week in the XYZ Department of the WA State Government and I’ve just accepted their offer.  I start on the 25th.  My entire background in IT has been in the financial services industry, so working for the public sector will be a big change for me and I’m excited to dive into something new.  Their will be lots for me to learn and they described the backlog as ‘drinking from a fire hose.’  That doesn’t scare me.  That’s the norm in IT and I am ready for a new challenge and a new adventure.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect an interview for this position because I don’t personally know anyone in the organization and my background, again, is in a different industry.  My first interview was very structured, no chit chat, no how are you?  I just got brief introductions from each interviewer and no hint regarding additional job details.  They told me they were each going to rotate asking me questions from the sheet in front of me.  They told me the cup of water was for me and then they fired away one-question at a time.  There was no nodding or uh-huh’s…just pretty much silence on their part.  No follow-up questions.  It was weird and I had no clue how I did.  I did, however, apply many of the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) principles I’d learned from your recent workshop about how to present myself with confidence from the time I arrived.

When I got home, in fact, my wife asked how the interview went and I told her that I thought I’d just wasted three blankety-blank hours!!!  I put it out of my head and to my surprise, got a call 3 days later inviting me back for another round of interviews.  The HR representative told me it was going to be an interview like the last one.  I accepted, but thought ‘I hope it isn’t like the last one!’  It wasn’t, it was much more relaxed and conversational.  I was told up front that this interview will be much less formal and I left feeling very good.  The two different interview styles are intentional, though I wasn’t told the reasoning…I guess I’ll learn though.

Anyway I wanted to thank you for your support, your encouragement, as well as everyone that frequents your ongoing networking workshops.  They picked me up when I felt unwanted and at times hopeless after being out of work so long (15 months).  The hard part is keeping your head up and ‘knowing’ that something will come along.  We may not know the grand plan carved out for each of us, but there is a plan and eventually we find the new path we are to follow.”