Startup Jobs in Seattle (& Beyond)

//Startup Jobs in Seattle (& Beyond)

Startup Jobs in Seattle (& Beyond)

As regular readers may have noted, in my previous post here I conducted my annual “shootout” of the top job boards and shared my opinion of which of these sites were the best ones, in today’s world, for turning up published job opportunities.

In conducting this research, however, I noted that a variety of job sites came up that specifically related to the world of startup companies — and that many of these sites appeared to list openings that WEREN’T showing up on the big boards like, LinkedIn, and the like.  Intrigued by this observation, and driven my unhealthy (and Pokemon-Go-like) desire to be aware of every last place where a good job might be hiding on the web, I conducted a similar experiment of these specialty job boards.  The five sites that I tested out were AngelList, F6SStartUpHire, VentureLoop, and GeekWire Jobs.

How did I go about this?  In similar fashion to my last article, my methodology involved selecting a set of recent cross-functional openings from each site (e.g. sales, marketing, finance, HR, product management) — located within the Seattle market — and then seeing if these listings were truly “unique” or simply the exact same jobs that one can easily find on and other common boards.  I also double-checked each company’s own careers page, too, to make sure the opening in question was truly legit, as opposed to being an outdated job that had already been filled and that the startup hiring site simply hadn’t yet scrubbed from its database.

What did my experiment reveal?  The good news, for anybody interested in working in the startup world, is that several of the above sites DID have a number of openings that did not turn up elsewhere.  AngelList, in particular, impressed me in this regard, since my tests revealed quite a few legitimate roles (i.e. Head of HR & Recruiting at HomeBell, Product Manager at Kavout, Executive Assistant at the Le Herbe cannabis beverage company, etc.) that generally didn’t appear on Indeed, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and similar sites.  Additionally, the F6S website also had some very viable leads, albeit not as many as AngelList.  As for the last three sites listed in the previous paragraph, while I was able to turn up a small handful of previously-overlooked roles, these sites mostly tended to re-run the same job openings you would generally find elsewhere.  Or perhaps more fairly, even if these sites happened to originate the leads in question, they appeared to be getting picked up by the big aggregator sites like Indeed — so again, there wouldn’t really be much value in checking any of these three sites individually, each day, from what I could tell.

Ultimately, while there are a few other wrinkles involved in the above process, such as some of these sites requiring you to set up an account before you can search them — or to jump through a few hoops to access their database — at the end of the day, these minor impositions probably aren’t an issue for somebody intent on finding any and all appropriate openings pertaining to the early-stage market.  So if you’re looking to get in with a company on the ground floor, and aren’t afraid of the risk that usually accompanies most fledgling organizations, add a few of the above sites to your daily review efforts.  As my tests revealed, you’ll likely find some fresh hiring needs not listed elsewhere!

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