While it doesn’t happen often, I recently decided to add a brand-new “category” to my blog in order to better organize my ramblings for those of you out there who might want to search through my years of archived material, looking for useful tips.

This new category — appropriately labeled “Motivation” — focuses on those articles I’ve written in the past, as well as those new pieces I will pen going forward, that specifically touch on the important emotional and motivational undercurrents of job hunting that so often present barriers to success.  To date, I’ve written up around 20 or so articles addressing this issue from various perspectives, all of which you can review, if interested, by clicking here or simply visiting my main blog page and clicking on the “Motivation” category box on the far right side of the screen.

While you’re at it, in fact, you can follow these same steps to browse through any/all of my archived material related to Resumes, Cover Letters, Networking, Interviewing, Changing Careers, or any of the other categories you’ll see in that same area of the page.

Not sure how many of you have noticed this feature of my blog before, and the ability to “go back in time” and review relevant articles from the past, but for those who haven’t, it’s one of the features of the blog format I find most valuable!  Happy reading, especially for those of you who are fairly new to my readership ranks…