Private Career Coaching & Counseling

If you are a professional wrestling with tough career questions or finding that your current job search efforts not working very well, we stand ready to provide you with practical advice, tools, and resources to help get your efforts back on track.  Our private coaching services are structured on an hourly, pay-as-you-go basis for maximum flexibility—and can be customized to provide assistance around virtually any type of career- or employment-related challenge.  Frequent topics we assist individuals with include career assessment, new career exploration, job search game planning and lead generation, interview coaching, and job offer negotiation.

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Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing

Frustrated by all the conflicting advice you’ve heard about resumes?  Unhappy with how your current document presents your qualifications?  Facing a bad case of writer’s block and ready to outsource this step of the job search process to a highly qualified professional?  Whether you need expert assistance with your resume or any other form of career-related copywriting challenge, Career Horizons can help.  Having drafted these types of documents for more than two decades, we pride ourselves on understanding the latest, greatest resume conventions hiring managers are looking for—and can partner with you to develop a compelling resume and/or LinkedIn profile with minimal fuss and often within a rapid time frame.

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Corporate Outplacement Programs

With over 20 years of experience in the outplacement field, our staff has helped hundreds of organizations facilitate smooth employee separations and can be retained to help both individual employees and executives—as well as larger groups of displaced workers—move forward successfully after the shock/disruption of a downsizing event.  As opposed to many outplacement providers, our services are highly customized and centered around providing individual advice and instruction, not herding people through large, impersonal workshops or online career centers.  Even in the best of cases, losing a job is a very stressful and unsettling experience, and we believe that the “personal touch” is essential in helping people transition through these events successfully and on to their next career chapter.

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Workshops, Webinars & Upcoming Events

Job Search Kick-Start Workshop (Click Here to Register)
Date: Sun, 6/18/17  •  Time: 8:00am-Noon PST  •  Location: Career Horizons Office  •  Cost: $250

Are you looking to run the most effective possible job search, right out of the gate?  Or have you been searching for a new opportunity for a while, on your own, without good results?  In this high-intensity job hunting seminar, we cut through the confusion and train professionals on how best to plan, execute, and manage a successful job search in today’s marketplace.  In addition to providing powerful tips on resume and LinkedIn profile development, we supply each attendee with a copy of an exclusive Excel-based tracking tool containing step-by-step job search instructions — along with a 200+ page workbook discussing every key aspect of the job search process.  Each class is limited to 7 participants, maximum, and those who go through the training are guaranteed to walk away energized and inspired, with a far better understanding of how to market themselves in today’s competitive marketplace!

Leveraging LinkedIn Webinar (Click Here to Register)
Date: Wed, 6/14/17  •  Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm PST  •  Location: Online  •  Cost: $75

Despite a flood of imitators, nobody has yet invented a more powerful technology for facilitating career and business networking success than And yet, many people still aren’t set up correctly on this critical networking tool—or may have joined the site years ago, but still don’t quite “get” the system and how to leverage it to its amazing potential.  In light of these realities, Career Horizons hosts this monthly two-hour webinar dedicated to getting people up and running successfully on the LinkedIn system.  This training is designed for all but the most advanced LinkedIn users and provides detailed instruction on how to properly configure your LinkedIn Profile, connect with other users, and use sophisticated searching methods to generate useful referrals.  In addition, the training provides a number of important pointers regarding system privacy settings and etiquette.

JobTalk Networking Group
Date: Wed, 5/31/17  •  Time: 11:00am-1:00pm PST  •  Location: Mercer Island Community Center
Cost: $10 for clients; $20 for non-client guests (RSVP here)

Are you a professional in Seattle seeking a new employment opportunity?  If so, we’d invite you to attend one of our biweekly JobTalk networking events, where you’ll have the chance to meet and compare notes with other professionals going through the career transition process—as well as gain expert instruction on highly pertinent topics related to the modern career management and job hunting process.  Each meeting starts with a series of icebreakers and structured networking exercises, followed by a formal presentation by a Career Horizons coach or guest speaker related to a specific aspect of today’s job market.  Attendance at these meetings is limited to 45 people and attendees are required to RSVP in advance.  To join the formal invitation list for these events, and receive further details about each upcoming session and the topic being covered, feel free to visit the “Contact” page of our site and join the group’s distribution list!