Happy new year, everybody!

(incidentally, I’m not sure when we’re all supposed to officially stop saying that phrase.  Is it after the first week of the year?  Or the second?  Needless to say, it sure makes small talk a lot easier this time of year…)

While I normally try to kick off the year with a highly upbeat, inspirational posting of some kind packed with good tidings about the months to come, I actually think I’m going to “outsource” this task this time around.  Right as I was about to cook something original up, a client of mine sent along an article that was written by a career coach in the New York area, Deborah Brown-Volkman, and I thought this piece was so wise — and on target — I couldn’t resist sharing the link.  I’d highly encourage you to check out Deborah’s site here for some other high-quality pieces she’s written up about the modern job-finding process, as well as some relevant books she’s authored.

The article I’m referencing above, however, is titled “Rejuvenate Your Job Search” article and you’ll find a copy here for review.  It’s not a terribly long piece, so give it a quick read.  Among other great suggestions, one key point Deborah makes that resonated strongly with the person who sent this article to me is the following snippet:

#2. Acknowledge That The Responses Stopped When You Stopped:  The only difference between you and the people who are getting what they want, is they kept moving and you didn’t.  It probably began innocently.  You became frustrated, so you took a break.  When you took a break, things started to slow down.  So, you became resigned and you told yourself there was no point in trying since it wouldn’t make a difference anyway.  Soon, your goal was too big, too hard, or too overwhelming.  Then, you stopped completely or your efforts became hollow and unproductive.  Take responsibility for stopping.  This is the first step to starting again.”

I couldn’t agree more with this advice — and would echo the importance of building and maintaining a high level of “momentum” in the job search process.  Each day that you engage in at least a few targeted networking or job hunting activities, you increase the probability that a positive new development will take place, psyching you up for further action and further breakthroughs.  Conversely, the moment you let your foot off the gas pedal, the greater the chance your progress will grind to a halt — and it will then be that much harder to get the engine fired up again.  So dig deep and find the willpower to take at least a few baby steps toward your goal, each and every day, and you’ll be well ahead of the majority of folks you’re competing against out there.

While we’re at it, let me also point out that the general mood so far in 2011 seems quite positive in terms of the economy and what we can expect in the months to come.  You’ll find yet another great article here, in fact, by Megan Stanish, Director of Client Services for the Michaels Wilder recruiting firm, who has compiled a number of encouraging statistics and articles discussing the market upturn.

Hope these links help everybody get in the right frame of mind, now that the holidays are behind us and we’ve got a fresh set of 365 new days to accomplish great things with!