While networking continues to reign as the most productive job-finding strategy, and likely always will, there’s no denying the fact that technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the mix of activities required to land successful employment.  As a result, it can pay dividends to make your resume as “findable” as possible on the Internet — and to post it up on any websites that employers and recruiters appear to be using to hunt for candidates with your particular skills, experience, and qualifications.

This being said, we’d offer the following quick tips on how to optimize this step of your job hunt:

— If you’re going to engage in a substantial amount of Internet resume posting, you might strongly consider creating a new temporary Internet address exclusively for job-hunting purposes, then use this new address on all of your “posted” materials.   This step will help you ward off spam/privacy issues and will ensure your primary e-mail address doesn’t get corrupted with unwanted solicitations.

— If you’ve got the time, make a point to update your resume once per week on each site where you have it posted, even if this only involves changing just one minor word or detail.  This step will ensure that your resume stays at the top of the “virtual pile” since most sites list resumes by chronological posting date — and employers tend to focus primarily on the latest batch of resumes that get listed/updated on each site, since these people usually tend to be the most active, recruitable job seekers.

— Try your best to “think like the employer searching for you” and make sure to pack your on-line resume with all the right buzzwords, keywords, and competencies relevant to your field.  Unless your resume contains the exact language employers are using to search for people in your professional field, you’ll get overlooked, so don’t leave anything to chance or take anything for granted!

— Keep a record of all the sites where you’ve posted your resume and make sure to write down all of the usernames and passwords you’ve created for each site, so you don’t forget them.   If you’re a Career Horizons client, in fact, we’ve already set you up with a convenient way to do this on the “Internet” tab of your Job Search PhD Spreadsheet.  Non-clients can easily set up their own simple system to track this same information, as well, however.

As for which websites are the most effective ones, in terms of resume posting, we’d recommend LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and TheLadders as the most active websites employers seem to be using at the moment to source experienced professional talent.  And in the more traditional job board category, Monster, Hotjobs, and Careerbuilder continue to lead the pack.  The consequence?  Add your resume to all six of these boards and you’ve made yourself extremely “findable” out there by all the right people!