How many of you caught my last blog article?  The one that emphasized the importance of “asking lots of questions” throughout the course of your job search — and taking advantage of every opportunity given to bounce your questions off various groups and individuals, since you never know where a great lead, referral, or career tip might come from?

If you missed this recent piece, you’ll find it here.  And the good news is that the hypothesis behind the article did, indeed, pan out — given that many of the people who took me up on the Q&A offer reported back to me that they received quite a few responses back from good Samaritans out there, willing to help!

One participant, in particular, shared the following comment:

“Matt: Thanks so much for running my question on your blog.  I’ve had four responses already!  Not only do they offer some good ideas, but even more importantly, I appreciate the moral support.  I’l respond to these individuals shortly and give them my thanks.  And in terms of why more people might not have chosen to participate, I’ll admit, when I heard your first offer two weeks ago I misunderstood the process.  I assumed you’d be publishing people’s e-mail addresses for the whole world to see and, since my e-mail address discloses my full name, I chickened out.  Might others have misunderstood this, as well?”

Thanks very much to this person (you know who you are!) for following up and sharing these comments — and my apologies if other people didn’t realize that I’d be “anonymizing” their identities to a certain degree in this effort, so that their full names wouldn’t be permanently linked to these questions out in cyberspace.  I thought I was pretty clear about this fact, when I first proposed the idea, but obviously I wasn’t clear enough!  Again, my apologies.

So in hindsight, and in light of the success reported by this past round of participants, I’ve decide to repeat the experiment again and run yet another post, this coming Monday, featuring yet ANOTHER batch of questions that may be on the minds of all of you out there going through the transition process!  So if you missed the last opportunity, but now fully understand the drill and have a juicy question you’d like some feedback around, now’s your chance.  Simply click here and send me your question, by next Monday, and I’ll run it out there!

Who knows?  Perhaps you might want to ask if people have any contacts or insights into a few specific companies you’re targeting in your search.  Perhaps you’re running into a tactical, organizational, or motivational job hunting issue you’d like some feedback around.  Or perhaps you want to know how best to handle a certain issue on your resume or respond to a tough interview question.  The possibilities are endless and the “asking” costs you nothing — so get creative!

P.S.  And JUST to make sure everybody’s clear on this, if you do send me a question to publish, it will be handled just like my previous posting — where the question has your first name next to it, as well as a link containing your e-mail address that people can use to respond to you.  It WON’T, however, display your last name or e-mail address directly in the text of the article itself…