PSBJ Book of Lists 2009 Now Available

//PSBJ Book of Lists 2009 Now Available

PSBJ Book of Lists 2009 Now Available

While I’d imagine that most of you out there are already familiar with the Puget Sound Business Journal, and the annual Book of Lists the paper publishes, those who haven’t come across this resource should definitely check it out — since it represents one of the single best target company research tools available for Washington State.

Profiling the largest local companies in over 50 different industry categories, ranging from Home Builders to Senior Care Facilities to Credit Unions to Biotechnology Firms, the Book of Lists can provide instant momentum to job seekers who are still trying to nail down their “customer list” and identify the specific organizations to target with their search efforts.   So to obtain a copy of the new Book of Lists, which was just released, you can either purchase an annual subscription to the Business Journal (in which case you’ll receive a copy of the Book of Lists free of charge) or visit the Journal’s website here to purchase the Book individually.

One thing that’s important to realize about the Book of Lists publication, however, is that some of the data on the lists might be up to a year old, since the BOL simply compiles all of the individual lists that were published in the Business Journal throughout the past calendar year.  So if you want to make sure you have the absolute most up-to-date information, you can check here to see if a more recent list for any given industry might be available through the paper, or clients of Career Horizons can check the master index we maintain of all locally-published company lists by clicking here and entering your client username/password.

If you find a list that’s up your alley, you can either contact the individual publication to obtain a reprint (or a file download, if one is available) or visit your local library to review the resource!

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  1. Dan Hallak January 25, 2009 at 5:42 am


    Great advice on the PSBJ Book of Lists! I just stumbled upon it a few weeks back and it certainly is a veritable treasure for building a customer list. Great tip!

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