I’ve been talking to quite a few executives working in the non-profit field, as of late, and these fine folks have alerted me to a number of helpful resources for researching current jobs, trends, and events in the philanthropic world — some I’ve been recommending to people for years, as well as others I hadn’t previously encountered.

This being said, I thought I’d compile a quick list of these resources for those who may be targeting employment in the non-profit arena and who haven’t yet come across all of these useful links:

Blue Avocado NonProfit Job Site Reviews
Not quite sure where the oddball name comes from, but somebody at this organization put a TON of time into this resource, providing a detailed analysis of 31 non-profit-focused employment websites!

Alliance of Nonprofits (formerly Executive Alliance)
This influential group is essentially the trade association for non-profits in WA State, currently encompassing 218 member firms that use the Alliance to share best practices and increase their outreach efforts.

One of the leading non-profit information portals for many years, Guidestar offers comprehensive information about the non-profit world, including a searchable directory of organizations that has over 9,000 listings in Seattle alone.

Northwest Development Officers Association
Since the lifeblood of many non-profits is their ability to generate funding, and this organization (NDOA) is where many fundraising professionals in the Pacific NW congregate, it only makes sense that people serious about the non-profit world should familiarize themselves with this group and its many resources.

Philanthropy Northwest
While some of the resources of this site are available only to subscribers, there are still many articles open to the public at large, including a robust job board that currently lists 56 opportunities at Northwest non-profits, ranging from Executive Director to Executive Assistant, and pretty much everything in between!

This national website concentrates on non-profit governance and provides tips on how to join a non-profit board — as well as how to effectively serve as a board member, once enlisted.

iLoveSeattle.org Non-Profit List
For those who haven’t already checked out the fabulous networking directory at iLoveSeattle.org, you’ll find a deep list of local charitable and philanthropic groups to peruse at the above link.

Again, while this is far from a comprehensive list of all the terrific non-profit-related resources out there, it’s definitely a great starting point to browse through if your career path seems to be taking you in a mission-driven direction.  Hope you find it useful!