While I’ve only talked about this particular lead generation strategy to people in passing, over the years, it seems like it’s high time I wrote a posting about it! 

Essentially, if you’ve ever spent time browsing through a bunch of LinkedIn profiles, you’ll notice that a few managers — and recruiters — openly proclaim (via their LinkedIn Headline, Summary, or other parts of their profile) that they’re actively in the process of looking for new people to hire.  So the question arises: how does a motivated job seeker find such profiles proactively, versus just hoping they’ll stumble across them accidentally every once in a while? 

Accomplishing this is a piece of cake if you use what’s called Boolean syntax — which, as many readers of this blog already know, is the set of simple search guidelines/terms you can use on most websites (including LinkedIn) to write powerful, precise searches for different types of data.  In terms of this particular scenario, all you’d have to do is copy the exact keyword search you’ll see below this paragraph and paste it into the top search box on LinkedIn.  Then, once you run the search, change the Location filter to whatever city you’re targeting (e.g. Greater Seattle area) and you’ll see a long list of appropriate profiles turn up!

“we’re hiring” OR “now hiring” OR “looking to hire” OR “actively hiring” OR “currently hiring” OR “jobs available” OR “job openings” OR “working for us” OR “interested in working for”

When I run the above search on my end, no fewer than 2,960 people turn up (your numbers may be slightly different) and if desired, you can then use the All Filters / Industry menu to limit the results to ONLY those industries you have a strong interest in considering.  So outside of a few “false positives” that come up — and situations where people included this language based on one of their past jobs, and forgot to change it later — this strategy should turn up quite a few eager recruiters and hiring managers you could potentially approach for a conversation.  Or at the very least, will help you identify some companies that appear to actively be in growth mode, even if you end up approaching them via another means than LinkedIn.

Give it a shot and see what you think!

P.S. One final tip — since many of the “now hiring” announcements you’ll see come up involve technical positions, due to the strong demand in that field, you might consider eliminating most of these (if you’re not a techie, yourself) by using the slightly revised search I’ve created below, instead.  This one removes most of the jobs/situations that are technical in nature…

(“we’re hiring” OR “now hiring” OR “looking to hire” OR “actively hiring” OR “currently hiring” OR “jobs available” OR “job openings” OR “working for us” OR “interested in working for”) NOT (title:software OR title:technology OR title:technical OR title:cloud OR title:engineer OR title:developers OR title:engineering OR title:SDE OR title:SDET)