As many of you have discovered, one of the biggest benefits to social media is the opportunity such technology gives us to build relationships with — and strengthen our ties with — hundreds of different individuals in our network.

In days past, we might only get the chance to catch up and hear the “latest and greatest” from people a few times a year.  Thanks to social networking sites, however, we’re able to keep in touch much more closely.  We can conveniently keep tabs on what the people we care about are up throughout the year — and immediately chime in with some words of congratulations and support, for example, when somebody publishes a new book.  Or hosts a great event.  Or receives a nice testimonial.  Or gets a new job.

On this latter note, I was excited to discover a new third-party tool for LinkedIn the other day called Job Change Notifier that I think is a wonderful little piece of technology.  The title pretty much says it all, but here’s a quick description of the service from their website that provides a little further detail/context:

Job Change Notifier is a free service that sends you an email alert whenever one of your LinkedIn connections changes jobs. Connect your LinkedIn account, choose which connections you want to track, and we’ll automatically notify you when any of them gets a new job, leaves their current one, or gets promoted.  Job Change Notifier is a weekend project created by Roger Lee (@roger_lee), an entrepreneur whose day job is the co-founder of PaperG, a local advertising company.

Having installed it myself about a week ago, I’ve already enjoyed some of the updates it has provided, alerting me to some acquaintances, former co-workers, and firm alumni who I hadn’t otherwise realized had earned a promotion or landed a new assignment!  So I highly recommend this tool to all my readers out there as yet another great way to boost your networking and relationship management efforts.

Bravo, Mr. Lee, for creating a very handy new application!