Can we all just conveniently forget — at least for a moment — about the 900 layoffs at T-Mobile that were announced this week?

Okay, good.  Since if we set this one bummer development aside, I’ve been seeing a SERIOUS surge of good things happening in terms of the local job marketplace over the past several weeks.  In fact, so far in May I’ve had seven clients let me know that they’ve landed new jobs, several more announce that they are going through the final interviewing stages with various firms, and a plethora of additional folks report they’ve seen a significant pickup in their interviewing activity during the past month.

So I’m not sure what might be going on with the inner workings of the economy lately, but whatever’s causing this uptick, I hope it continues.  Great to see so many people (including some who have been out for a year or two) land new opportunities and get back in the saddle.

Along these lines, and just to add a more practical and actionable twist to this article, I’d encourage people (as always) to keep close tabs on the local news and comings-and-goings of the Puget Sound economy.  Make sure you’ve got a regular reading regimen in place, either digital or hard copy in nature, that includes scanning the latest headlines from places like The Seattle Times, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Business Magazine, and Geekwire — this last one if you do anything that even remotely relates to technology.  If you pay attention, you’ll be amazed at how many new companies are sprouting up or getting new funding.

For example, in my latest scan of the headlines I was excited to read about the success and expansion of a number of companies I’ve never heard of before, despite my fairly rigorous attempts to keep a finger on the pulse of the local market.  I saw an article about an international shipping and transportation company called CaroTrans that is opening a new office in Kent.  A piece on an innovative new fitness company called EveryMove that just received $2.6 million in funding.  And a story about the Main Street Law Group, an innovative legal services firm seeking to change the paradigm of their industry and break away from the traditional billable-hour model.  You’ll find dozens of these inspiring items mentioned every day in the local press, if you look for them.  And it’s a hopeful, hopeful thing to see.

So while not to go all Pollyanna on you, I couldn’t resist sharing my positive feelings about these latest developments, since they appear to be backed by lots of solid anecdotal evidence at least in terms of my own radar screen.  Entrepreneurs are mobilizing.  Funding is starting to flow.  Companies are flirting with expansion after the long, dark winter of the Wall Street collapse. And heck, while I still feel quite bad about all the people who are suddenly being displaced from T-Mobile, it was great to note the company’s concurrent announcement that it will be hiring 550 people back in the fairly near future.  That’s a small comfort, at least.

Hope this trend has touched all of your employment futures in some way — and if you’ve got more good news to report, please join the party and post a comment!