At Career Horizons, two of the most popular programs we offer are our Conscious Career Planning package, which focuses on helping people explore their potential career options, and our Job Search PhD series, which is aimed at helping individuals master the specific tactics of the job search process.  In helping people decide which program might best meet their needs, we usually ask them whether they can clearly and concisely answer three questions:

— What specific types of problems are you looking to solve for a company?
— What specific job titles and opportunities most closely relate to solving these problems?
— What types of companies have these jobs and are most in need of having these problems solved?

If you’re struggling to answer any of these questions, that’s probably a sign that you need to spend more time researching and locking down your career focus — whether that involves working with a professional coach or simply bearing down and figuring things out on your own.  Alternatively, if you can breeze through these questions without batting an eye, that’s an indication you’ve got enough focus to be highly successful — and that you’re ready to launch your job search efforts in earnest!