Over the past week or so, I’ve come across (or been forwarded) a number of links, articles, and resources that I feel are relevant to folks in career transition and eminently worthy of passing along via my blog.  So rather than carve out a separate posting for each item, I’m just going to bundle all of them together and turn you loose on them.  Enjoy!

1)  Video: Sir Ken Robinson on “Are Schools Killing Creativity?”

I almost didn’t open this link at first, but boy, am I glad I did!  This has to be one of the most important and well-delivered speeches I’ve heard in many years, addressing some of the built-in problems with the educational system, and consequently, the problems many folks are having in terms of their career challenges and finding positions that take advantage of their natural strengths.  Job hunters (not to mention all parents) need to watch this video in its entirety.  It’s not only packed with original and important thinking, but is downright funny, to boot, especially the little riff about Shakespeare that takes place about eight minutes into the presentation.

2) School of Visual Concepts: Discounted Classes for Unemployed Folks

If you’re interested in launching a career in the graphic design field, or brushing up your skills in areas such as web design, broadcast production, or copywriting, the School of Visual Concepts has announced a new program where they’ll be offering unemployed individuals a 50% discount on tuition for certain classes.  More details on this offer are available by clicking the link above, and we salute the school for going the extra mile to help transitioning professionals develop some marketable new skills at an affordable price point!

3) Diane Renihan: Financial Boot Camp for Executives

Does your career future require a better understanding of the corporate bottom line?  Are you mystified by modern accounting terminology and the way companies measure their financial performance?  Would demonstrating a strong knowledge of finance enhance your current marketability?  If so, I’d strongly encourage you to click on the link above and check out the “Financial Boot Camp” seminar that will be offered by Diane Renihan, of Ballantrae Consulting, starting in mid-September.  Diane has given us a preview of the material that she’ll be covering in this four-session series and we can assure you, it’s excellent!

4)  Article from TheLadders.com About the “Overqualified” Issue

Given that many Career Horizons clients are in the 40+ age range, and concerned about both age discrimination and the perception that they’re overqualified for certain opportunities, here’s a well-researched article that explores some of the realities of this issue — and offers some good advice on how to combat this obstacle in the job search process.

5) Wharton Business School Article: Unemployment Among Older Managers

On a related note to item #4, above, here’s another sobering (but highly informative) article about the impact of today’s recession on the ranks of older managers and executives.  We’re glad to see an institution as prestigious as Wharton raising awareness of this important and highly under-reported issue — and near the end of the article, you’ll see some encouraging predictions about future trends and some suggestions on how older workers can repackage themselves to compete more effectively for available opportunities.