While two instances doesn’t necessarily a “pattern” make, I wanted to remind everyone in job search mode of the potential consequences of playing too fast and loose with your resume and written materials.  Two clients of mine recently had reference-checking issues come up after accepting an offer, since in both cases, there were slight discrepancies on the resume which got flagged during a background check and almost put the kibosh on both deals.  Luckily, both of the individuals in question were able to resolve this issue successfully, but this might still signal a trend toward increased vigilance by employers in today’s market.  Don’t assume you’re safe once you get the job offer, either, since most offers are contingent on a reference check and employment can be revoked at any time if the employer discovers they hired somebody under false pretenses.  So while occasional errors of omission might be warranted with your materials, be careful about stripping out too much background information, fudging numbers, or “dumbing down” your resume to the point that you appear chronically disingenuous!