Happy Friday, everyone, and before the weekend arrives I thought I’d pass along a tip from a member of my network, Gretchen Garrett, who recently raved to me about some free computer classes she’s been taking from a company called CreativeTechs.

This organization offers live training classes, as well as free webinars, on a wide variety of artistic-related subjects and software programs, including: Adobe PhotoShop Master Course, Adobe InDesign Essential Skills, Adobe Flash CS4 for Designers, Learn to Build iPhone Web Apps, Portrait Lighting for Photography, and Watercolor Magic.

The Seattle classroom for these trainings is located in the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center at 1944 First Ave S. in Seattle and the webinars, well, you can access them from anywhere you can rustle up an Internet connection.  As for those of you who may be wondering “What’s the catch?  How can they offer these classes for free?” that’s the same question I asked, and Gretchen promptly forwarded me the link here that answers this question in detail — and then some.

I want to publicly thank CreativeTechs for their generosity in offering this type of training to people, especially those for whom a tuition cost would be prohibitive, and I encourage any of you creative types to consider looking into these classes — in addition to those of you out there who might just be a little bit bored, unchallenged, or looking to add a new skill set to your arsenal!