Are you currently receiving unemployment benefits in Washington State?  If so, one of my contacts in the WorkSource system wrote me to remind people of a few special training options/benefits that are available to certain professionals who qualify for them.  Here’s what she asked me to pass along:

“Matt:  Just thought you might want to remind your clients that the King County WorkSource system provides ‘dislocated workers’ up to $7,000 (lifetime limit) to ‘purchase training services from an eligible provider‘ he or she selects in consultation with an employment counselor.  Please advise your clients and workshop participants to go to their local WorkSource center ( and talk with an employment specialist about using these funds.

Also, here is another link ( to a series of free Microsoft training offered through the state WorkSource system.  People need to act fast on this because this program only runs for 5 more months.  As you know, computer skills are a must in today’s job market, so this training could be invaluable to certain folks who are a bit behind the curve, technology-wise.”

These are your tax dollars at work, my friends!  So if you didn’t already know about these programs, and suspect you might be eligible for them, I’d encourage you to access the links below to find out a bit more about what they entail.