Free E-Mail Validation Tool: Invaluable to Job Seekers!

//Free E-Mail Validation Tool: Invaluable to Job Seekers!

Free E-Mail Validation Tool: Invaluable to Job Seekers!

Over the years, I’ve always fantasized about starting a blog or writing a newsletter column focused on some of the little products one comes across that work like a champ — and that you can always rely upon to get the job done when the time comes.  One such item would be Leatherman pocket tools.  I’ve owned them for years and they never break, have all the right little tools engineered into them, and always seem to bail you out when you’ve got a pesky fix-it issue.  Another such tool would be Shop-Vac industrial vacuum cleaners.  I’ve owned one for over 10 years and it just keeps right on chugging…

Lest you think I’ve got an ounce of handyman in me, however, I’d better get to the point, which is to feature another little tool that I find myself using constantly — and that I think a lot of job hunters (and pretty much any other type of professional) might find handy, as well.   This tool is an E-Mail Address Validation site you’ll find here that allows you to enter in any e-mail address and discover, instantly, whether the address is valid or not.  I use it not only to double-check addresses that bounce back to me as undeliverable, just to make sure the address is legitimate and some other issue isn’t in play, and I also find it to be tremendously useful when I’m trying to track down a person’s e-mail address — such as when you’re trying to e-mail your resume to Jim Jones at XYZ Corporation and you can’t find his e-mail address anywhere on the site.  Just pull up this tool and try various addresses such as,,, etc. until the tool says you’ve got a live one!

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