Without question, one aspect of career transition that often gets overlooked is the relationship between the career planning process and one’s spiritual or religious faith.  How do these two important aspects of one’s life intertwine?  How can faith guide a person to the career decisions that are the right ones for them and their values?  And how can one’s spiritual beliefs sustain a person during the confusing, scary moments that often occur during a protracted job search process?

While this question is probably best answered within the context of one’s individual belief system, and not something we can offer a “blanket” answer around, we would steer interested parties to two groups in the area that offer free or low-cost seminars dealing with this important issue.

The first is the Employment Ministry session hosted each week by the Center for Spiritual Living, in Seattle.  This group describes itself as: “…created especially for people who are going through work transitions.  Join us if you are unemployed and want support, as well as great spiritual tools for finding your perfect right livelihood.”   This group meets once a week, usually at Noon on Tuesdays, and more information can be found about the group by clicking here.

Secondly, professionals of the Christian faith may wish to investigate the Career Connections session hosted each month by the KIROS organization in Bellevue.  We recently had the privilege of addressing this group, ourselves, and offering some advice that would support the group’s mission of assisting people to “connect with other people who are either in career transition or just career-disturbed” and to help attendees “encourage, pray for one another, and facilitate a higher level of networking, both within and out of the group.”   More information on this particular group can be found by clicking here.

Ultimately, we’re sure there are many more faith-based career resources out there that professionals can tap into for support, so we’ve showcased the two options above simply as representative groups that we already know to be operating in the Puget Sound area.  If any of our readers out there have additional suggestions they’d like to send in, however, we’d love to hear them — and to keep them on file for future clients of ours who might be seeking guidance on the spiritual aspect of their career journey!