Have you ever “lost” an e-mail or discovered too late that an important message you were waiting for was inadvertently routed to your Junk Mail or Spam folder?  If so, you’re not alone, since the anti-spam filters in many e-mail systems these days have toughened up considerably and now often end up blocking a number of legitimate messages, as well — especially ones like ours that have words such as “job” or “career” in them, since a lot of the spam these days involves bogus employment scams!

For this reason, I wanted to strongly encourage all of you out there to whitelist (i.e. tell your computer a certain e-mail address is “safe” to always let through) the address [email protected] to ensure that all of the job lead bulletins and other correspondence I send out makes it safely to your inbox!  And while every system functions a bit differently in terms of how to do this, and you can find instructions in the Help menu of your e-mail software, if needed, here are the steps involved to “whitelist” people on a few of the most common e-mail services out there:

Hotmail: Use the Options, More Options, Safe & Blocked Senders, Safe Senders list
Gmail: Open an e-mail from the trusted Sender and choose More Options, Add Sender to Contacts List
Yahoo: Choose Mail Options, Filters, Add Filters; put trusted address in “From Header:” box
AOL: Add the trusted Sender’s address to your “People I Know” list
Comcast: Add the trusted Sender’s address to the “Address Book” for your e-mail account
Outlook: Right click on any e-mail message, go to “Junk E-Mail” and “Add Sender to Safe Senders List”

Unfortunately, there are far too many different e-mail systems and versions out there for me to provide detailed whitelisting instructions for all of them, but again, the “Help” menu of your system should walk you through the process if needed — and there are hundreds of helpful links on Google if you search on the name of your software plus the terms “whitelist” or “safe senders.”  At the end of the day, taking this quick step will help ensure that all of your e-mail communications to and from Career Horizons, as well as other trusted parties, are 100% reliable going forward!