If you actually took the above headline seriously, here’s the first lesson — any job claim that sounds too good to be true, probably is.  In today’s marketplace, it’s hard to get away from the neverending string of advertisements looking for “motivated, entrepreneurial” professionals who are desperate enough to jump on board 100% commission opportunities or the latest get-rich-quick scheme.

At the same time, we get asked quite often whether there are legitimate, living-wage jobs available to people who wish to work part-time or from the comfort of their own homes.  These situations are particularly attractive, of course, to people who are semi-retired, starting a family, or who may be looking for a greater degree of work/life balance than a traditional full-time opportunity would provide.

In terms of finding these types of non-traditional opportunities, the most productive channel is (and has always been) to reach out and attempt to create opportunities within your own professional network — or to consider opening your own full- or part-time business or consulting practice based around your existing skill sets and expertise.  The proper approach to doing this, however, will obviously depend heavily on the size of your current network and your unique career circumstances, so we’d need to meet with you personally to provide any meaningful strategies in this particular area.

At the same time, there’s one effective brainstorming strategy you can try immediately on your own, which is to conduct some targeted keyword searches on leading employment websites such as www.indeed.com, www.simplyhired.com, and www.hotjobs.com.  While you’ll have to sort the “wheat from the chaff” in terms of the hits you receive, an increasing number of organizations are looking for employees who can work flexible hours, and we’ve seen a definite increase in the amount of quality part-time job advertisements being posted over the last few months.

For maximum effectiveness, we’d recommend that you search the above sites using relevant keywords and phases such as: part-time, flex-time, flexible hours, work from home, telecommute, family-friendly, and work/life balance.  Make sure to put all of these phrases in quotes, however, or your results will be almost completely random and unproductive!

While you may not find a current listing for exactly the type of assignment you’re seeking, you will at the very least gain exposure to a lot of hiring organizations that support these types of emerging, more flexible work arrangements.  So look for target company ideas, instead of simply job leads, and don’t be afraid to contact these organizations directly to sell yourself and try to dig up unpublished opportunities!