Knowledge is power, as they say, and while the Internet certainly has its share of asinine content, there are plenty of back-alleys and tucked-away places out there where you can find real people who have some really important and valuable things to say — even about career management!

On this note, while I’ve never noticed them before, I recently clicked on the “Forums” feature of the website and discovered a wealth of great information — both about the value of various career tools, resources, and job search approaches, as well as about local Seattle-area companies and their specific hiring processes.  It appears that the growing popularity of the Indeed website has drawn in a lot of people who have a lot on their chest to share about the job market, and after reading through some of their submissions, I think the insights and ideas they provide are an outstanding complement to the huge array of off-the-shelf content one can purchase on these very same subjects.

In light of this discovery, we’d encourage our readers to visit the Forums area by clicking here and to then try either browsing around by the various categories listed, searching for relevant postings by geographic keywords such as Seattle or Bellevue, or by typing in the names of specific companies such as, Microsoft, Starbucks, or Washington Mutual.  With a little sifting, you’ll uncover some interesting comments that might add value to your search efforts and career decisions!