Remember a few issues ago when I talked up the amazing new “Companies” feature that was being beta-tested on LinkedIn?  Well good news!  LinkedIn has apparently decided to take this feature mainstream and has now added it as a major menu element on their website, unlike days past, when it was impossible to find unless you knew where to look for it.   So if you’re a LinkedIn user and haven’t yet noticed this change, study the main page of the site carefully.  Where the “Service Providers” option used to be, you’ll now find the “Companies” menu, instead.  Pretty handy — and if you haven’t yet browsed through the amazing data that the “Companies” feature provides, definitely make a point to check it out by running a few sample companies through the page to see what information turns up.

On that note, for those readers who still haven’t joined the LinkedIn revolution, and are therefore utterly perplexed by the paragraph above, I’d invite you to attend one of my periodic Lassoing LinkedIn classes where I explain this tool — and how to use it to advance your career — from start to finish.  If you’d like to be on the invitation list, simply e-mail me a note of interest and I’ll make sure to give you advance notice the next time I get one of these classes scheduled, which will likely be in mid-July.  Additionally, existing clients are always welcome to download the latest copy of my “Lassoing LinkedIn” handout on the Client Resources section of my site, using the password provided to you when you started services.  I just updated the recent edition, in fact, so make sure to snag a copy if you’re interested in the latest/greatest ways to use the tool!