Clients-Only Resource: Green/Sustainable Companies List

//Clients-Only Resource: Green/Sustainable Companies List

Clients-Only Resource: Green/Sustainable Companies List

Over the years, in order to help our clients clarify their goals and uncover potential hiring opportunities, Career Horizons has researched, built, and maintained a large number of target company lists related to key industries within Washington State.  These current lists, for example, include detailed breakdowns of local companies in the Biotechnology, Consumer Products, and Telecommunications/Wireless sectors, in addition to hundreds of companies who are in “Start-Up” mode or who have been voted to be a “Best Company to Work For” by one or more local publications.

Given the increasing number of folks we’ve met who have expressed the desire to work for “green” companies in the area, however, we’ve recently channeled a number of hours into pulling together a brand-new list (available to our clients here using our standard website password) of Washington organizations that appear to be engaged in some aspect of the emerging green/sustainability wave.  At present, our list includes 120 organizations, ranging in scope from alternative energy firms (solar, wind, tidal, biodiesel) to companies involved in green technology, green building and construction, recycling, renewable resource management, business sustainability consulting, environmental advocacy, and similar niches.  All in all, we’re excited to have this new eco-friendly list available for our clients, especially since Washington continues to position itself as one of the leading areas in the country in terms of the “green collar” jobs revolution!

Not a client of our firm?  While we unfortunately can’t provide a copy of our full list of firms, we’re delighted to steer you to a similar set of data that was recently compiled by John Cook over at the Seattle PI.  Mr. Cook identifies 35 top local “green” firms on his website here for those who may be interested…

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