Feeling cynical, depressed, or stuck in a rut?  If so, there may be no book on Earth that can cure you of these feelings, but if there is, we’d designate this particular publication as the most likely front-runner!

Authored by the husband/wife team of Roz Zander, an acclaimed family systems therapist, and Ben Zander, longstanding conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, this book takes you on a captivating journey of how to recapture the lost “art of possibility” and transcend the cynicism and self-limitation that so commonly holds individuals back in their personal and professional lives.  Unlike many other titles in the motivational genre, however, this book never gets preachy, abstract, or redundant.  It’s not pushing a simple “quick fix” formula or taking a one-paragraph idea and adding 200 pages just to flesh it out into a best-selling book.  Instead, it systematically expounds on the power of 12 practical principles for pushing your personal growth boundaries — and then supports these principles beautifully with dozens of entertaining, real-life stories that have been collected from the authors’ vast experience.

Viewed from a career-related framework, this book is a definite departure from the typical publications we review in this newsletter, which often focus more around tactical job market issues.  And yet, we still believe the The Art of Possibility deserves a place of merit on the bookshelf of any serious professional, since there’s no denying the intense emotional and motivational components that underpin any discussion of career success, growth, and satisfaction.  We all need a little fresh thinking and inspiration from time to time to “shake up” our daily routines and expand our professional horizons!