Do you know what’s more powerful than an uplifting story about somebody who got laid off, faced the job hunting challenge head on, and fought through their fears/doubts/confusion to land a new opportunity?  It’s when this story comes from somebody who accomplished this feat right in your own backyard!

That’s the case with Powerful Unemployment, a book authored by Sheila Boddy, an IT Professional based in Seattle who found herself laid off unexpectedly a few days before Christmas two years ago and decided to chronicle the entire “journey” of her job search — emotional cartwheels and all — in the hopes that sharing her experience might benefit others going through a similar transition.  In total, this small-format book is barely 100 pages long and could easily fit in your pocket, but good things come in small packages, and Sheila has packed it with a wealth of insights on relevant issues ranging from how to manage your money during an unemployment phase to how to take care of yourself emotionally to how to retool your networking outlook for optimal effectiveness.

Now to be fair, many of the techniques that Sheila suggests in this book aren’t all that revolutionary.  Quite a few of the steps she discusses could also be found in the pages of any halfway-credible publication on the subject of modern job hunting, whether this information derives from the unemployment office, a career counselor, or one of hundreds of books such as “What Color Is Your Parachute?” you could pick up at any bookstore.  What makes this book truly special, however, is the intimacy with which Sheila takes you through her own experience and the no-holds-barred descriptions she shares about how it feels, firsthand, to go through the ups and downs of the employment-finding adventure today.  Most job-hunting books don’t contain this ingredient.  Instead, they tend to be theoretical works, written by career coaches or academicians who haven’t gone through a protracted unemployed period, themselves. So whether you agree or disagree with some of the conclusions the book reaches, there’s zero doubt you’re getting an authentic point of view on the subject from somebody who has recently lived it — and who has decided to courageously document her transition, warts and all.

Long story short?  If you’re searching for work at the moment, and need an encouraging “shot in the arm” to rekindle your own job hunting efforts, I’d highly recommend you check out Powerful Unemployment and compare the author’s strategies, observations, and insights to your own.  Available for $12.99 via her website here, it’s a whole lot of book for relatively little money!