Have you, like millions of Americans, dreamed about being your own boss or pursuing self-employment of some kind?  Have you always felt you had an entrepreneurial streak in you, but been held back from acting on it by fear and uncertainty?  Or have you noted (possibly the hard way) that the one-time “stability” corporate positions offered, once upon a time, isn’t quite what it used to be?

If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, I’d strongly suggest you pick up a copy of Making the Jump Into Small Business Ownership by David Nilssen and Jeff Levy.  Now to be fair, Jeff is a personal friend of mine, so I can’t claim to be totally unbiased.  But luckily, in this case, I don’t have to be.  Jeff and David have put together a great piece of writing that walks through all of the key factors, considerations, and decision points that go into “taking the plunge” and pursuing a self-employment venture of some kind.  Combining decades of experience both as small business owners, themselves, as well through their work as entrepreneurial coaches, they’ve served up an inspirational tour of material to help people understand the true implications, pros, and cons involved in breaking free from traditional corporate America.

As you’ll discover, if you pick up a copy, many of the assumptions people have about small business ownership are fundamentally inaccurate.  As the authors emphasize, time after time, fear is nothing more than a “lack of knowledge” and many would-be entrepreneurs are held back because they simply don’t take the next steps to learn more about this exciting career option, the realities of it, and what it would take to exercise this option for yourself.  They then pass along an inspirational dose of case studies — as well as a laundry list of resources that you can use to educate yourself about the entrepreneurial option and identify, among the thousands of different possibilities, what type of self-employment path would be the best fit with YOUR particular work style, preferences, and personality.

So if you’re contemplating the option of being your own boss, or wondering what the most important ingredients are to successfully launching an entrepreneurial pursuit of some kind, I’d highly encourage you to pick up a copy of Making the Jump.  It’s packed with useful information and insights — and you won’t find two people on the planet, I think, who are more passionate about helping people achieve the freedom, security, and self-reliance that can derive from the self-employment avenue.

To paraphrase from the authors, is it the time to start pursuing your own dream — or are you going to spend your entire career helping somebody else achieve their dream?