Whether you’re a manager looking to increase the retention and commitment of your workforce, or a job seeker wondering why your last position seemed so chronically frustrating, or unsatisfying, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em offers a treasure-trove of insights for your intellectual consumption.

While written in a playful way, this book tackles the very serious and costly topic of employee turnover, outlining 26 (supposedly) proven strategies that companies can use to attract, engage, and retain their key employees. Take our word for it, this is good stuff.  The authors not only have an infectious passion for the subject matter, and a wicked sense of humor, but they have also done a great job bringing the material to life through checklists, charts, visual aids, and real-life case studies.

And while this particular title is to be commended for its depth, and deserves a place on the bookshelf of anybody whose job involves supervising people on a regular basis, we should point out that there’s also a shorter companion book available — Love It or Leave It — focused on retention from the standpoint of the individual employee and how each one of us can improve our fortunes when stuck in an unsatisfying or abusive work milieu.  So whichever book you gravitate to, these authors won’t let you down!