Book Review: Happy About Online Networking (Liz Ryan)

//Book Review: Happy About Online Networking (Liz Ryan)

Book Review: Happy About Online Networking (Liz Ryan)

If you’re not quite up to speed at using and taking advantage of LinkedIn, YahooGroups, and the many other “online networking” resources that have now emerged in the Internet age, Happy About Online Networking might be just the ticket to increase your comfort level!

While the title of the book is somewhat wacky, and the entire work is not even 100 pages in length, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of this online networking primer and by how deftly the author eases the novice into this intimidating, non-intuitive part of the business networking process.  Covering everything from basic etiquette to more advanced applications, this book is packed with information about how individual professionals can fully leverage the power of the Web to uncover opportunities, track down hard-to-find information, and expand their circle of cyber-relationships in a highly efficient, effective manner.  And best of all, since it is aimed at a non-technical audience, the recommendations it provides can be followed by just about any level of computer user — so if you’ve been “faking it” for a while, this book can help you jump the curve and join the ranks of your network-savvy peers.

Even us “old hands” at this stuff can learn a thing or two from this book, as well.  For example, we hadn’t realized that there was a specific YahooGroup (the MyLinkedIn Power Forum) set up for advanced users of LinkedIn to trade tips, ideas, and advice on how to get the most of that particular resource.  This insight alone, to us, justified the price we paid for the book!

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