It’s funny how the universe works sometimes.  After being forced to give only a lukewarm review to the book I featured last month, despite my initial excitement about it, I’ve now stumbled across a book that I was initially skeptical about, but now believe to be one of the most important and useful publications ever published on the career transition topic!

Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters delivers exactly what it promises — a sweeping set of creative and unconventional methods that professionals in transition can use to uncover job opportunities, especially when the traditional methods (i.e. resume responses to published ads) seem to be failing.  Ranging from advice on how to cold-call employers effectively to how to set yourself apart via “personal branding” techniques to how to mine the Internet for useful contact names, this book is a tour-de-force of information and ideas that should be on the bookshelf of every job hunter.  And just as importantly, the authors don’t just stop at describing the various “guerrilla” techniques that people can use to improve their search efforts; they also explain WHY these techniques work and why the conventional methods of locating and landing employment are disappointing so many thousands (millions?) of folks today.

The only slight caveat I’d offer with this book?  Should you decide to pick it up, please realize that a few of their techniques (e.g. showing up at a company and just starting to work until they question it) are just downright silly or totally outdated — and that many of the other approaches will require you to get out of your comfort zone and to apply a whole new level of creativity, aggressiveness, and gumption to your search.  That’s the price tag required to give yourself a competitive edge out there.  As I’ve been saying for years, many job hunters today need to outhustle and outwit their competition in order to succeed if they’re not lucky enough to have the “perfect pedigree” so many employers seem to be looking for on paper.  With this excellent book in hand, however, and the continued tips I try to bring you through my newsletter and coaching practice, you’ll definitely have a leg up on the process — and an inspiring set of job hunting ideas to rally around!