Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketing specialist, or professional job hunter looking for ways to stand out in an increasingly commoditized labor market, this inspiring work by marketing guru Debbie Allen will give you a whole new collection of ideas for how to generate increased “buzz” and excitement around your career and the type of work you do (or want to do) for a living.

Organized into thirteen chapters, the book allows the reader to skim through more than 68 “confessional” articles that have been contributed by highly successful self-promoters whom the author has encountered during her marketing career.  Due to this modular organizational structure, this book is a very light read and allows the reader to zero in on the specific chapters and topics that might be of greatest interest, whether this involves the role of “giving stuff away” in the networking process or the proper role of the Internet in getting the word out about yourself and your personal brand.

Overall, we enjoyed this book tremendously and love the fact that the suggestions offered throughout Ms. Allen’s work are not only proven and practical, but also, in most cases, free.  So if you’ve been wondering why the world hasn’t yet taken notice of your talents, or feel you’ve lost out on past career or business opportunities by not promoting yourself strongly enough, time to give “Confessions” a read!