Interested in hearing the insights that several high-visibility celebrities and business leaders have to share regarding today’s economic climate and job market?

This first link below takes you to a transcript from a recent Larry King Live show where Tony Robbins, Magic Johnson, and Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) weigh in on the current economy and issues related to employment.  Once you click the link, you’ll need to scroll down about halfway through the transcript to get to the relevant segment.

Larry King Live: Guest Panel Discussion About Unemployment Issues

Secondly, a client of mine forwarded me a link to a Tom Peters web page outlining a series of suggestions he’s put together to help people through these tough times.  Personally, I’m not sure how many of these qualify as “secrets” or represent new ideas that haven’t been discussed elsewhere, but having them all together in one place makes them worth reviewing.  When you click the link below, you can either watch a video of Tom Peters discussing these strategies (which I recommend) or download a PDF transcript of his suggestions.

Tom Peters “44 Secrets & Clever Strategies” for Dealing With the Recession

The above links provide some interesting food for thought on a big-picture level, if nothing else!  As always, your comments welcome as to whether you find any of the tips mentioned particularly useful or have other thoughts about their worthiness…