While I work strictly on the career coaching side of the house, as most of you know, and don’t provide formal staffing/recruiting services of any kind, my coaching experience with job hunters over the years has certainly given me some creative thoughts about how companies might approach the hiring process more efficiently and effectively.

Along these lines, for those who might be interested, I recently penned an article for the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) HR Forum sharing five suggestions on how employers (especially start-ups) can be more successful at attracting and hiring new talent.  You’ll find this article here on the WTIA website.  And while the suggestions I make certainly aren’t rocket science, they reflect the insights I’ve distilled from listening to thousands of clients praise (or complain about) the hiring methods of various organizations around town over the years.  Listen to these types of stories long enough, and some obvious patterns emerge in terms of where employers today are missing the mark in terms of their recruiting efforts.

A special thanks to Kathi Jones and the team over at Swift HR Solutions for inviting me to submit this article to the WTIA Forum!