At a recent client networking event we facilitated, much discussion emerged around the idea that job hunters need to learn how to effectively “sell themselves” if they wish to attract the attention of employers and remain professionally competitive.  This concept, while certainly not new, continues to challenge a lot of otherwise-talented individuals who don’t view themselves as “sales” people and who rebel against the idea that landing a job is more about creating positive perceptions in the buyer’s (aka employer’s) mind than about being evaluated quote-unquote “fairly” on the basis of more tangible factors such as skills, experience, and education.

And yet, there’s no getting around the fact that effective self-promoters routinely land the best jobs and spend far less time between positions than those folks who refuse to embrace the sales dynamic.  Haven’t we all witnessed the Peter Principle in action, and worked with people who have seemingly been promoted to positions of authority far in excess of their actual skill level?  The defense rests… :)

For these reasons, Career Horizons works hard to help job seekers from all walks of life learn the fundamental principles of “selling themselves”, increase their ability to generate enthusiasm about their candidacy, and get companies frothing at the mouth to hire them.  In addition to the assistance we are able to offer, however, we loved the idea one of the participants shared at the above meeting — which is that even non-sales candidates should consider purchasing some best-selling sales books, such as Solution Selling by Michael Bosworth or Selling to Vito by Anthony Parinello, in order to review them for tips on how to add more sales “oomph” to their job hunting efforts.