Not sure if I’m tremendously late to the party on this one, and all of you out there have already seen this clip, but a client of mine forwarded me the link below to a pretty amusing job-finding strategy from a young man targeting a position at Google.  Definitely worth a quick view, if you’ve got four minutes to spare:

Please Hire Me Google Video (Matthew Epstein)

It seems like a few of these innovative, off-the-wall job hunting efforts go viral each year, usually leading to the individual in question garnering their “15 minutes of fame” as well as, in many cases, a paying job from a company willing to reward their chutzpah.  So I’m not sure I’d advocate this kind of approach for most people, targeting more mainstream opportunities, but hey, if you’ve got a fake mustache lying around and some brown liquid that can pass as scotch, go for it!