Hope everybody has some relaxing plans in store for the Thanksgiving holiday — and since I’m just getting ready to head out of town, myself, I thought I’d pass along an interesting blog thread regarding age discrimination that a client of mine recently brought to my attention.

In the first link, below, you’ll see a posting that was written by a business owner in Belgium that explains, overtly, why she is “hesitant” to hire people in the 40+ age bracket.  Needless to say, her inbox immediately exploded with hundreds of comments, mostly consisting of older workers setting her straight and vilifying her views — although there were a handful of people, as well, who supported her or at least gave her credit for talking about this important issue so openly.

Give it a read and see what you think.

Why I Hesitate to Hire Forty-Somethings:

Was this posting a PR ploy or intentional controversy-generator?  Was it a gaffe?  Or perhaps the latest example of a Kinsleyan gaffe, where a business owner or politician accidentally says what they’re really thinking?  We’ll never know for sure.  But the very next day, reeling from the onslaught of messages she’d received, the author put out a follow-up post (linked below) to clarify her views.  Needless to say, this just added fuel to the fire for the most part.  Yet despite all the drama involved, I think these conversational threads reveal the many dimensions of the age discrimination topic and can be useful in helping us all understand why this issue exists, where it’s heading, and how job hunters in the “more experienced” bracket can take steps to combat it.

I Hire on Ability, and Nothing Else:

Again, make sure you don’t just stop with reading each article itself.  Scroll through the litany of comments you’ll find under each article, both for and against the author’s views, since that’s where the intricacies of the issue really get fleshed out — and the conversation really heats up.

To the point, at times, I dare say you could probably cook a turkey on it!