Our Mission

Careers are tricky things.  And as many professionals have experienced over the past decade or two, the job market has undergone a radical transformation and become a much more complex, unpredictable, and challenging environment than in years past.  Blink once, and all the technology for finding jobs has changed.  Blink twice, and that solid career path you’ve been on may become increasingly unsteady, competitive, and unsatisfying.  How can one possibly keep up?  And where do you turn for help when you decide you need some expert assistance in jumping the curve?

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Career Horizons specializes in providing professionals with expert advice in improving their job hunting and career success.  Founded in 2004, our mission is be a source of pragmatic career guidance to professionals of all ages, helping them successfully navigate through the intimidating sea of advice, tools, and resources that often leads even the most seasoned professionals to question if they’re going about the process the right way.

We stand ready to help with any aspect of your career or job search you might have questions around—whether this involves exploring new employment directions, updating your resume, improving your LinkedIn proficiency, boosting your lead generation efforts, or mastering the dynamics of the modern interviewing and negotiating process.  And we promise that instead of engaging in endless navel-gazing exercises, we’ll provide you with candid, customized, and action-oriented advice on how to approach the market and tackle your career challenges.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can add value to your career efforts!

Staff Bios


Matt is a recognized expert in the field of career coaching, job hunting, and professional employment counseling. After witnessing the intense structural transformation of the job market over the past decade, he founded Career Horizons in 2004 to assist clients in navigating successfully through these unfamiliar and largely uncharted waters.

In his current role, he consults with clients at all levels on how to assess their careers, explore their occupational options, reach their full potential, and master the complex dynamics reshaping today’s employment marketplace. Matt’s delivery style is characterized by his intense passion for the career transition field and his ability to help clients develop practical, real-world solutions for addressing their job search challenges.

To date, he has delivered hundreds of group career workshops and provided one-on-one coaching to over 11,000 individual job seekers at all levels, ranging from entry-level employees to Fortune 100 executives. A frequent author and speaker, his thoughts on the employment landscape are featured regularly by media sources such as NPR, KING-5 TV, and advice columns he’s authored for the Seattle Times and Puget Sound Business Journal.

Client Testimonials

“I have spent thousands of dollars in four years on multiple expert coaches and resume builders – none have exceeded my expectations like Matt Youngquist at Career Horizons.  In less than a week,  he cut to the core of my needs to execute a polished product and program that allowed me to take the next step on my professional path.  Thank you!”

— Merry Abeel, Financial Services Executive

“Matt is a fantastic coach with an unparalleled wealth of career development knowledge and resources. I met with Matt for a single one-hour session, and Matt delivered an astonishing array of tightly focused fresh perspectives and advice as well as prioritized next steps for my job search. Within a month of meeting with Matt and implementing his recommendations, I had several interviews and a great job offer. I strongly recommend Matt to anyone interested in identifying and achieving their career goals”

— Rob McGowan, Corporate Learning Systems Manager

“I took one of Matt’s career seminars and it was absolutely worth my time and money. His advice on optimally utilizing LinkedIn was invaluable and I learned several new techniques that I have incorporated into my own job search. He also expertly critiqued both my cover letter and resume for no additional charge, and he has reached out to me several times to check on my progress. I highly recommend contacting Matt if you are considering changing careers or looking for a new job.”

— Ted Dahlstrom, Government Relations Professional

“Matt is a fantastic resource for those in transition. His advice is candid, accurate, practical, and unique. In addition, he is very well-connected in the Puget Sound area and willing to leverage his network for his clients. Take some time to get to know Matt and Career Horizons. You won’t be disappointed!”

— Rick Park, Human Resources Executive

“Matt: I started last week at (company name withheld) and I am very pleased with what I am seeing so far.  I did not realize the impact this move would have on my personal life.  I feel a sense of satisfaction and worth that haven’t felt in recent years.  My new position offers challenges, but your motto that a ‘ship is safe in any harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for’ constantly resonates in my head and gave me the courage to make a change.  I cannot express in words my appreciation for your role in helping me find and land this new position.  Thank you for being a solid rock I could lean on at a time of great stress and uncertainty!”

— Marty Sullivan, Accounting Manager

“Matt delivers the perfect blend of strategic career coaching combined with hands on practical tools. After our initial meeting, I had a clear vision of where I was heading with specific targets and an action plan. As a coach, he was able to provide the push I needed as both a critic and a supporter. With Matt’s guidance, I quickly found more opportunities. Working with Matt was the best decision I made during my career search and clearly the best value of all of the other resources I used. I only wish I had contacted him sooner! I highly recommend Matt and will continue to work with Matt as a trusted advisor.”

— Kevin Mest, Operations Executive

“I highly recommend Matt to any professional looking for a job or new career. I started working with Matt and his company Career Horizons after being laid off from a job that I had for 15 years. Needless to say, I was not familiar with the modern day job hunt and started from ground zero. After developing a great resume, Matt coached me through the many job search, networking and interviewing tools that he has used and developed successfully.

What impressed me the most about Matt was his wealth of knowledge and complete dedication to his clients. He knows what works and helped me avoid the many pitfalls and time wasting that can occur during the job search process. We met several times one-on-one and he took the time to answer my questions by phone and e-mail, even after hours. He would check in after interviews and send me valuable contact information. What worked best for me was his honest and cut-to-the-chase assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. We were able to identify what I needed to work on and set the wheels in motion quickly. I start my new job with a great company in October and I couldn’t have done it without Matt. Also, the networking information I gained during this process will help me a ton in my ongoing career and professional development. Thanks again Matt!!!!”

— Brad Swanson, Safety & Health Director

“Matt completely changed the way I viewed my career search. By the end of our meeting, I had a different perspective on not only how I was going to approach each job opportunity, but on how I was going to view myself, my goals, and my skill-set. He overhauled my resume (which I had paid a lot of money to have professionally written only one year prior) and the look and feel of his version was so much better I can’t begin to describe it here. What I can write about, however, is the difference in response I had to Matt’s version of my resume vs. the ‘old’ version. Wow. Within two weeks of my meetings with Matt and my new resume, I had three amazing interviews, all positions that were ones I could have only dreamed of a few months ago. I actually had to decide which one to take. I CANNOT recommend Matt highly enough. I have told several of my professional network and friends that seeing Matt is absolutely the best time and money you will ever spend on not just your career, but yourself.”

— Darce Johnson, Outside Sales Executive

“I’ve benefited from the support, expertise and many services that Matt offers during a very trying and tumultuous phase in my life. As an accomplished businesswoman who had enjoyed a successful career to date, the idea of needing help in my job search seemed first unnecessary and then – once reality set in – overwhelming and daunting. Because of Matt, I got out of the house; built a strong network of talented professionals and executives; have a number of new, very dear friends; stayed focused on my short- and long-term objectives; kept my priorities in check; learned from presenters who were willing to share their secrets to success and insights on topics I otherwise wouldn’t have pursued; and most importantly, maintained a healthy emotional state throughout the entire process. As a client of Matt’s, I recommend him highly to friends and colleagues searching for their next move, as well as for enlightened organizations that place top priority on treating outgoing employees with respect and providing them valuable and productive support. To me, Career Horizons is the clear choice.”

— Meliessa Ogrodowski, Human Resource Manager

“Matt: I admit it was difficult for me to suck up my pride (after all, I’m a journalism major!) and come to you for help with my resume, but I’m so glad I did. After your rewrite of my resume, I received a tremendous amount of response and went on a number of interviews. As a result, I was offered a few positions and ended up accepting one. It’s a great position, offering more money than I ever imagined making. I had become quite down on myself, but realize after your rewrite that I had a lot to offer and that all I needed was to package myself in a way that would make me stand out from the crowd. Many, many thanks for all your help!”

— Michele Fritz, Executive Assistant

“Matt is truly a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage, and that’s what it takes to help people forward in their career endeavors. His vision for career planning has allowed him to create a process that combines concrete, methodical strategies with the support of an entire network of other professionals. He empowers people to feel in control of their job search outcomes. Working with Matt has given me the tools to use in the career search process, and I will continue to use them as I market myself and move forward in my career development.  I have appreciated his vision, his guidance, and his honesty.  While at times, I really wished he would just tell me what to do, that is just not his style, and for that I am thankful. His blog that has most resonated with me in the last couple of months is the one in which he said (paraphrased) “Stop analyzing what to do.  Just do something.” It has forced me to hit the send button or pick up the phone numerous times, and each time I was rewarded with payoffs. If you’re trying to decide whether you should contact him or not, I highly recommend you just do it.”

— Victoria Wentz, Instructional Designer

“Given the current state of our economy, I am seeing a lot of good people being laid off and people like myself enduring situations that are less than ideal just to collect a paycheck. If you know someone who is in this situation, or you are one of them, I can’t say enough good things about Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons. I was referred to him by a former coworker a few weeks ago and recently took advantage of his four-hour job search seminar.  I found Matt to offer more tools and client interaction than a hungry job seeker can imagine!  Within the last 24 months, I have spent at least $700 on professional resume-writing services, at least $400 on books, and have been pitched $2,000 to $8,000 worth of services to help me find the right job. If I had known Matt sooner, I think I could have saved significant time and money and wouldn’t be job hunting right now! Matt and Career  Horizons offer a menu of services to choose from that are budget-friendly and yield a high return. Of course, there are no guarantees that any one man/woman can just “find” you a job. You need to do the work. But at least you have a ‘Mr. Miagi’ like person working with you to give you the fundamental tools needed to work optimistically and smartly towards your career/job goals!”

— Rodney Weaver, Sales Executive

“Working with Matt is a transforming and thought-provoking experience. His kind and engaging humor, attention to the smallest detail and steering clear of clichés and false optimism make Matt stand apart from many career professionals. His regular round-table meetings with clients, his informative and masterfully delivered webinars and his blogs filled with pragmatic insights and humor enable his clients to successfully navigate the challenges of the job search or career change, while also engaging them in reflections about a much bigger picture than finding the next job. Working with Matt is one of those encounters and experiences in life which make you a better professional … and a better person.”

— Elena Aroustamova, Supply Chain Professional

“I’m pleased to report that a couple of days ago, I accepted a job at a highly respected and successful Seattle-based non-profit organization that I’ve been pursuing. I started my job hunt four months ago by meeting with Matt to develop a methodical plan and to update my resume, concentrating on presenting myself effectively and using buzzwords that my targeted potential employers’ databases would recognize. The resume revision worked! Shortly after I distributed it, I got a call from a recruiter who said that my resume that had popped up. The resulting phone interview led to a round of in-person interviews. While intrigued by my skills and experience, they told me I wasn’t the right match for that job. However, they asked if I’d consider a new position that they were in the process of developing. I applied and was immediately invited in for a series of more interviews. To help me prepare, Matt gave me his analysis of the job description and showed me how to maximize my odds using his 4-step Interview Preparation Matrix. I’m convinced that the 6-8 hours I spent developing this structured preparation format helped make the interviews much more successful, engaging, and fun.

A couple more weeks passed and I couldn’t help but second-guess a few of my interview answers. I was tempted to email them unsolicited clarifications, but I kept calm and focused. I held off.  Finally, I got the job offer for this position, which seems custom-designed for me.  All of this patience, persistence, and preparation paid off, as did creating and following a strategically targeted, methodical plan. Matt, I really appreciate the exceptionally useful tools and guidance you provided throughout my job hunt that helped me sell myself and get my dream job!”

— Doug Petrie, Non-Profit Professional

“Good news! Last week I accepted a job offer (I actually got two offers in one day) and even negotiated a delayed start date so I can enjoy the rest of the summer off. I wanted to thank you for your efforts on my behalf these past several months. The information I got from Career Horizons greatly helped me put together my resume and fine-tune my interview skills. You do a wonderful job helping out unemployed people and I would recommend you to anyone I know who needs these kinds of services.”

— Maxine Nagel, Accounting Professional

“Matt is that unique combination of calmness and clarity that everyone needs at a time of upheaval and change. I was fortunate enough to find myself as a client of Career Horizons when I went through such a transition recently. Matt’s personable and approachable nature, along with his clear communication style, help a person really connect with his message – that, regardless of your situation, you are a person deserving of respect and consideration in the job-hunting process. He reminds you that the job hunt is as much about relationships, than it is about anything else. It’s in those lessons, along with his knowledge and skill, which makes this relationship one of the most valuable you, will have. I, for one, consider myself a Career Horizons client for life and give  Matt my highest recommendation. I consider Matt a ‘trusted advisor’. ”

— Gary Barber, Architectural Project Manager

“I am very appreciative of the work that you do and how professional your seminars, meetings, and materials are. After 15 years with a single company, your help in guiding me through the modern job hunting jungle has been invaluable. I found great value in both your Job Hunting PhD workshop and  Job Search PhD Spreadsheet, as well as your networking events. After such a long tenure with my prior company, I was rusty on the nuances of running a modern job search. The information that I received from your workshop and the spreadsheet helped me run an efficient job hunting  campaign, present myself and answer interview questions with confidence, and close the deal with future employer. Going forward, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone or any company.”

— T.J. Hogan, Finance & Accounting Executive

“Matt Younqquist’s Job Search PhD seminar is one of the best, if not the best, seminar I’ve ever attended. While many seminars have nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the presentation, Matt’s experience has shown him the key areas to focus on that will maximize the use of one’s time. During the six hour seminar, Matt made great use of the available time by focusing on both the preparation process as well as the search itself. Most of the information was new to me and it is apparent that focusing on what he teaches will certainly make my job search effort more productive.  And the accompanying seminar workbook is a valuable resource that will be a highly useful reference in assisting in my search. The content of many previous seminars that I’ve attended takes an approach of covering material on a broad, generalized basis. This has often left me wondering if the instructor has made the best use of the available time. Not so with Matt’s  seminar. Matt has optimized his material to drill down on specific topics and aspects that he believes will provide the best efficacy for the search effort. His approach makes great use of the seminar time, ensuring participants walk away with applicable information. If you are looking to approach your job search by ‘working smarter, not harder’, then Matt’s seminar and material will prove to be an invaluable resource.”

— Michael McIntyre, Software Development Director

“Due to the sudden demise of a 100-year-old financial institution, I found myself facing only my second job transition in 35 years. As a ‘seasoned’ senior manager, I was offered outplacement counseling through another career services firm, DBM. However, it turned to be my modest investment in Matt Younqquist’s Job Search PhD Program that made a world of difference and led to a successful transition. The four intensive hours of training he provided was packed with practical advice, a method of organization, and state-of-the-art internet searching techniques. And that was only the beginning. The Career Horizons web site is packed with resources including hundreds of sample resumes, cover letters, and job search links. Matt’s blog is a source of expert insider knowledge and inspiration.  Matt’s passion and tough love kept me focused. He gave me the confidence to persevere through the toughest of career challenges – the job of getting a job. Matt’s networking events and seminars provided real-world practice, expert advice, and encouragement. But, be forewarned, Matt is a tough coach that expects the highest level of personal performance in order to ultimately post a win. Matt is not offering any Pollyanna parachutes. But he will push you through the door and you will  be incredibly well-prepared for the ride of your life. And eventually, the right landing. Thanks Matt!”

— Craig Norris, Small Business Owner

“Matt was introduced to me immediately after a layoff. I was surprised how much has changed in the job search world since I last searched. Matt’s knowledge of critical job search resources and how to use them was impressive. Matt quickly laid out a very clear plan of action and turned my lengthy jumbled resume into an awesome 2 page attention grabber. His webinars and monthly meetings are very good educational and networking outlets. During one of Matt’s monthly meetings, I met people and heard new information that sparked a chain reaction that lead me into a new career. If it was not for Matt, I don’t think I would be where I am today. Thanks Matt!”

— Donnie Belk, Small Business Owner

“I’ve known Matt Youngquist for eight years and have worked with him in several capacities. I regularly recommend him without hesitation for employers facing an outplacement situation or for individuals going through a career transition or job search. Matt is simply the BEST career coach and professional employment counsel in the Pacific Northwest.”

— Dave Sharp, Marketing & Advertising Executive

“Matt, you are by far one of the best career consultants in the market today. And, I don’t say that lightly. You understand the world of work and how to build a career. While there are many career coaches and executive search professionals who dispense advice on how to find a job, network or build professional skills, you offer your customers a unique and skillful approach to career management.Each service you provide – whether it’s your educational workshops, one-on-one career services, or networking venues – all represent outstanding levels of quality and value. You truly operate with integrity and with your clients’ best interest in mind. I appreciated how your customized services addressed my specific needs. Your approach is comprehensive and holistic, while yet very practical and effective. Furthermore, your career management tools are an efficient way for me to stay on top of managing my career over the long-term.”

— Andrea Spudich, Management Consultant

“After several trips to Chicago and Seattle over the past few months, I was recently offered a Director of Corporate Development position with [a major company] in Seattle. I want to therefore thank you for your guidance, advice, and honest assessment of my career progress and ambitions. While fate may have played a small role in the right opportunity becoming available at the right time, I honestly don’t think I would have attacked it with the same confidence had I not taken part in your program. If I ever need, or know of someone that can benefit from your services, I will certainly recommend you and your organization! Thank you for all your help.”

— Curt Ohland, Director of Corporate Development

“I wanted to say thank you for all your help during my recent career search. Your assistance was instrumental in getting me on the right track. As you know, I spent an entire year searching on my own, working very hard, without any real solid results. About 10 weeks after ‘graduating’ from your Job Search PhD program I had a great new job — and it was in the place that my wife and I have been working on moving to for almost 2 years! A pessimist would say that it was just chance and I finally got lucky. Being an optimist, however, I would say that your professional assistance really made a difference in providing me the tools to take luck out of the equation.”

— Andy Henderson, Senior Program Manager

“I cannot thank you enough for being such an incredible resource, coach, and all-around good guy. Your knowledge of the field is second to none and you are willing to give your best to each client. Even when your client (me) sent four emails in one day, which must be a record, you responded thoughtfully to each one. Even at 10pm! As a former basketball coach, myself, I can really appreciate how you “coached me up” and encouraged me to be the best I could be. That’s what a good coach does and I am extremely grateful. I would encourage anyone, in any situation, to use this service. The entire process is professional, productive, and positive.”

— Larry Judd, Campus Recruiting Specialist

“I would like to thank you for the time and work you put into my custom job search. You are extremely professional and very personable. You helped me figure out what I really want to do and to take this opportunity to finally do it! What you put together, the customized spreadsheets, workbook, and the amount of time you spend with your clients (both face-to-face and the prep work before and after the initial meeting), is awesome. You definitely don’t charge enough and I appreciate the fact that you did not try to take me to the cleaners. I almost forked over the same amount of money to another local company just to get a resume after a 45-minute ‘interview’ session. Thank you again for your time and I have already raved about you to my former colleagues!”

— Shane Valentine, Operations Manager

“Your ability to take my eclectic sales, marketing, and retail background and coach me on how to position it into positive strengths related to a public sector position was amazing. By focusing on strengths and skills instead of ‘jobs’ I was able to break into an entirely new career area and ace out the candidates who had the public sector experience I did not have! Your written materials on interview process and your interview coaching were invaluable. In addition, you were responsive and available on a moment’s notice. I’m so grateful for your help and guidance and am excited to begin my new career with the City of Bellevue.”

— Julie Ellenhorn, Community Outreach Coordinator

“Deciding to engage Matt Youngquist at Career Horizons was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my career. He has developed a job search and career advancement system that is both practical and inspiring at the same time. With Matt’s encouragement and advice, I was able to land a much better job than the one I lost in 5 short months. He helped me to set my sights correctly and to develop the tools to reach my objective. And it was interesting and fun along the way!  Matt provides structure to the process and possesses a depth of knowledge about job searching that has no equal. He understands how to effectively blend technology and personal networking to optimize your job opportunities. I learned a great deal about myself and how to manage my career effectively by working with Matt. His reputation in the Puget Sound business community is excellent, his writing is insightful and succinct, and his advice was on target every time. Matt is a pleasure to deal with: organized, thoughtful, prompt and responsive. I would therefore recommend  Matt and Career Horizons to anyone interested in finding a new position or anyone who wants to get serious about their career.”

— Jon Deex, President & CEO

“I can’t say this more adamantly: Matt Youngquist’s knowledge, expertise and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients are perhaps THE reasons I’m employed today. I initially hired another Outplacement firm when I was laid off from my job, and found the experience to be completely disappointing and a colossal waste of time. A relative was then kind enough to recommend Matt to me, and I can’t tell you what a difference he made—not only with his knowledge of the job market in Seattle, but also with his spot-on advice and availability in answering my questions (my emails and phone calls were returned immediately, something my close friends can’t even manage). He is truly without peer in this industry and you’d do well to contact him if you’re ever in the need of wise counsel—it really is the best money you’ll ever spend!”

— Kira Knight, Human Resources Manager

“Matt is a master career coach. He is always current with effective tools and resources for a successful career transition. He helped me identify my unique strengths and he challenged me in ways which helped me gain the role I desired. He is quite simply the best professional career guru one could ask for!”

— Greg Scully, Business Development Executive

“Do yourself a favor and save a few months of time in your job search by hiring Matt, President and Founder of Career Horizons. Had I hired him early in my job search I believe I would have found a job much faster. After I started working with Matt I had a job in less than a month — and I attribute it directly to Matt’s techniques.”

— Rob Daniel, Sales Management Executive

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help with my recent job search. I thought I might come to you in March 2008, after having been out of work for six months, but then I thought ‘pay him now or pay him later.’ As it turned out, it was the best money I ever spent. I was surprised at how much the search process has changed in the last 10 years. You opened my eyes and gave me the tools I needed.”

— David Lightfoot, Chief Financial Officer

“A quick note to let you know I’ve accepted an offer! While this is initially more of a lateral move, as a local company much closer to home it affords much more upward mobility, an earnings increase opportunity, and also cuts my commute in half. Plus, it gets me experience in a much more dynamic and marketable industry. I’m really excited. The resume refinements and the game plan you built for me gave me the confidence and direction I needed to really tackle the job market effectively and efficiently. I’m certain this cut months off my search. Thank you again for your help and I would absolutely recommend you and work with you again.”

— Karl Johnson, Manager, Inside Sales

“Thank you for putting ‘wings’ on my job search.  I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, encouragement, honest evaluation, and process. The marketplace has changed radically since I was last job searching and it appears to be changing faster with each passing year. You are on the pulse of that change and bring a contemporary and relevant approach to the job search process. I have learned and grown a lot and will work to employ these learnings the rest of my career and beyond. Thank you for helping me develop the plan and for encouraging me to initiate and sustain the effort. I will look for opportunities to recommend you to anyone I come in contact with who is job searching, without hesitation.”

— Eric Critchlow, VP of Sales

“Matt really helped me to focus the first time I worked with him, both in terms of managing a difficult ‘political’ challenge in my work environment and in setting a tighter direction for my career. A year later, when I was ready to make a move and had interviews with multiple companies, he provided with some very sound, practical advice and interview coaching. I landed the job and had multiple offers to boot — without spending a ton of money or wasting a bunch of time on things I already knew how to do. Matt gave me just the direction and coaching I needed to succeed. Thanks Matt!”

— Jeff Jarrard, Business Intelligence Manager

“Eight years of being a stay-at-home mom. English as a second language. Never worked in the US nor attended school here. Low interest in getting back into my old profession but not sure where to really fit in today’s workplace, either.  Sound hopeless? Like somebody doomed to a life revolving only around the kids?  I used to think so, too, but a friend recommended Career Horizons and Matt became so much more than a mere career coach: he offered guidance, inspiration, and hope. I signed a contract with a great company yesterday — Matt, you went above and beyond and words fail me to thank you for all you did!”

— Edda Kuhlmann, Cash Management Specialist

“Matt provided me with outstanding perspective as I moved between senior management roles. His creative approach provided just the insight I needed (internally and externally) to effectively manage the job search process. The time spent was very valuable to me, both in terms of the self-evaluation process and the unique job search tools that were provided, and I will continue to recommend the services of Career Horizons without hesitation!”

— Jon Wagoner, Senior Financial Executive

“As a ‘newbie’ to Seattle arriving without a network and with the objective of making a career shift, I knew full well that I had my hands full. Yet I had enough sense to retain the expertise and resources of Matt as well as employ the techniques of his Job Search PhD program, which really made the difference for me this time around. This was my second attempt to transition into a new career — the first time was after finishing graduate school five years ago and I only wish I had had these ‘tools’ in my kit back then!”

— Dave Cecil, Hospitality Industry Executive

“Matt, you provide an invaluable service and continuously gave me excellent guidance in advising me in the job search process. This was the first time I needed to look for a job in 16 years and I was initially overconfident and did not think I needed any career assistance.A former colleague and friend recommended that I see you, however, and thankfully I listened to him. The initial consultation was very helpful in getting me organized and setting up a valid plan for my job search. I was even more impressed how you were always available for consultation and advice during the 4-5 months of my job search. Your sage advice and practical tips helped me through some difficult situations. I knew you not only had my best interests in mind, but also had a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with complex issues. Thanks again and I will always be a enthusiastic reference for your services. The value of the services that you provide far exceeds the fee that you charge.”

— Alan Koslow, Vice President & General Counsel

“Matt, You are the real deal! I am extremely fortunate to have been introduced to you and Career Horizons to assist me through this process. You skillfully bring all of the key components of a career transition and provide the complete set of tools including knowledge of the local market, its trends, and expertise regarding the resources available. More importantly you bring the intangibles to the equation.  You challenge your clients to align their goals and objectives with their messaging, branding, and overall strategy. You ask the tough questions that force candidates to address inconsistencies that might otherwise be hidden roadblocks through this process, then you blend it all together with a personal style that combines both coach and counselor. Without reservations, I would recommend that anyone facing a career transition should make their first call to Matt Youngquist and Career Horizons.”

— Rich Noffsinger, SVP of Sales & Marketing

“After 15 months of stay-at-home parenting/soul searching/mid-life-crisis-averting, followed by 4 months of more serious job searching, I have accepted the position of Director of Customer Solutions with a terrific software organization here in Bellevue. This is a exciting opportunity for me to combine my software development management and technology sales background in a new direction. I’m looking forward to learning new things and working with a tight-knit team of professionals.  Again, Matt, I cannot thank you enough for your valuable coaching and your ability to see critical things based upon your enormous experience in this process. I would recommend your services to anyone and will do so on a frequent basis!”

— Mark Griffin, Technology Sales Executive

“Matt, I cannot thank you enough for the guidance, encouragement, thoughtful ideas, and structure you offered to me during the job search process. I readily admit that I am not skilled as a job seeker. Your tools were a big help.”

— Bill Butler, VP & General Counsel

“Matt, I met another business contact of yours at a Northwest Entrepreneurs Network event last night and we had extensive discussions related to your business strategy. We both agreed that you need to charge more for your superior services. Please let us know when this policy change will be implemented! (grin)”

— Michael Pinkowski, Internet Company Executive

“Matt: Now that I have successfully landed a great position I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your support and your incredible professionalism in aiding me in my job search. I was immediately impressed with your materials describing your services, but that was really the tip  of the iceberg in terms of what you offer.  You just don’t miss a beat. You offer such a wide array of support from the written materials, your newsletter, the job listings, the group meetings, not to mention your knowledge of the Internet job search arena. As great as all of these tools are, however, your real value is in your thoughtful coaching and depth of experience. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive coach in my corner — not to mention the fact that you are the networking king!

I have already recommended you and your services to many people and some are already benefiting from working with you. I would be more than happy to heartily recommend you to anyone who is looking for their next job, wants to fine-tune their career planning efforts, or wants to discover a new career path. Thank you again for giving me the confidence and tools to conduct my job search and for helping me find the right fit!”

— Kelly Stone, Outdoor Gear Product Line Manager

“They offered me the job! I start on August 21st and will be going to Wisconsin three times over the first three months to become certified in the EMR Epic software at the vendor training in Madison. I’m very excited about this opportunity, the salary turned out to be a nice raise from my last position, and the benefits are fantastic.I can’t wait to get started and want to thank you for all your encouragement and guidance through this process. I really needed someone else to believe in me first,and to build my confidence, so thanks for helping me see the “vision” and understand that I did have choices. This ship sets sail next week, and I’ll let you know how it’s going. Thanks again!”

— Val Callahan, Health Care Technology Analyst

“I just want to reiterate my appreciation for the tremendous value I received in our session and I look forward to working together as my job search unfolds. I cannot remember a time when I received more value for my investment. I learned so much in my first appointment. Professionally, I  received invaluable information, resources, and guidance — and personally, I received much-needed reassurance and insight. The job search process can be extremely daunting even for the most confident of individuals, but I left our sessions smarter, reenergized, and enthusiastic. Now THAT’S value!”

— Riene Niemcziek, Financial Management Executive

“Thank you very, VERY much for our session. Wow! I was overwhelmed and excited by the information, the campaign, and the general “kick-in-the-pants” to get things launched in Seattle. I truly feel fortunate to have been referred to you. The ideas and strategies look great, and while I may bug you from time to time as I start my new routine, once I get the idea of things they will start to roll on their own, as you said. Thanks so much again, Matt, for your professional approach to all this — and your pleasant personal side makes this all the more motivating!”

— Robert Sanzalone, Technology Evangelist

“As a woman in my mid-twenties, I came to Matt during a successful, but frustrating advertising sales career. My goal was to get to the root of my passions and career aspirations and, ultimately, to decide if I should stay in sales or focus more on my journalism background. The Career Horizons assessment process — along with Matt’s ability to ask questions that make you define the “grey areas” of your career — allowed me to facilitate change and better my future. Matt brings about your confidence, helps you discover your strengths, and reinstates your belief in yourself. Talking to Matt taught me to ask better questions during the interviewing process and figure out exactly what I wanted from an employer. Career Horizons is a life-changing organization and an outstanding place to go when considering a career change.”

— Danielle Jodts, Account Executive

“After months of hearing ‘wow, you have an impressive background but you’re not quite the perfect fit we were hoping for’ I’m happy to say that I’ve been in a great new job for a week now — and was just sitting here thinking about how lucky I am to have found this opportunity!  So how did I turn things around and find the right company for me?  I became a client of Career Horizons.  While my overall search process was pretty good from the start, the difference was the resources that Matt had for me.  He presented me with a list of all the Washington companies in my industry, and upon clicking through this resource, I was able to identify a highly suitable employer I had totally missed in my previous efforts.  When I contacted the CEO, they didn’t have an immediate job opening available, but upon seeing how great a fit I was they created a new position around my capabilities. I would never have found this company without Matt’s assistance and expertise. Thanks Matt!”

— Paul Zoba, VP of Business Development

“Career Horizons’ Matt Youngquist is an excellent coach with the ability to help his clients focus thinking toward positive actions. When I met Matt, I was really discouraged, especially since I was over 60 and wondering what I would do after many months of unsuccessful searching. Because of Matt’s patience, coaching and gentle probing, I was able to assess what it was I would do, not if I should do something. It became apparent to me that I really enjoyed my field of work and was not yet ready for a rocker on the porch. I was inspired to keep my brain cells working by taking a course to prepare me to re-certify as a senior human resources professional. Taking the test and passing it with flying colors restored my confidence in myself. Having the certification and the confidence I felt were important factors in landing the job I have now. A job, that was referred to me by Matt!”

— Mary-Ann Gutierrez, Human Resources Manager

“I just joined (company name withheld) as Vice President of Sales. It’s a great company with 20 employees, a solid stable of clients, and young enough to need lots of help on getting to market, FAST! I am very excited. The position starts as a three-month consulting engagement and rolls to FTE should all parties be significantly impressed. So far, so good. I really appreciate your guidance, Matt, and know I am now employed due to your counsel!”

— Sean Paddock, Sales Management Executive

“Matt, I want to take a moment to tell you what a great service you provide for those of us in transition. It can be kind of isolating to move to a new town and start over, especially after being deeply networked in a place you lived for 11 years. Your service is unique in my experience and you can consider me to be a strong reference any time.”

— Bob Burger, Operations Management Executive

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did for me last year. It was thanks to your training, time, and encouragement that made my new job possible.”

— L. Mahoney, Spanish Language Translator

“I can’t thank you enough for the advice and coaching you provided to help me through the job search process. You took the time to really understand my circumstances and geared the program around my needs, focusing on the areas where I needed the most help. Much has changed since the last time I looked for a new position and your suggestions and approach were right on the mark. I felt in control of the process. I certainly will make  referrals whenever I can. I also learned a valuable lesson about the strength in building and maintaining a network of contacts. I intend to continue to build that network and nurture it for the future”

— Patrick McKinnon, Retail Operations Management Executive

“Matt, by the way, the recruiter that contacted me about the (company name withheld) opportunity complimented me on my resume. She said she sees a lot of resumes and mine is very strong and well-presented. Of course, I said, “That’s so nice of you to say that. I’ll pass on your compliment to the career coach who wrote it!”

— Brett Clay, Technology Sales & Marketing Executive

“I had a meeting with Matt yesterday. I will keep this short by saying I should have met him two months ago when I became serious about my next career move. Matt’s expertise is in helping people navigate today’s executive job market and he gives free agents a clear, strategic plan to follow when job searching. Career Horizons fees are very reasonable and worth every penny.”

— Clark Westmoreland, Operations Management Executive

“The value provided to me by Career Horizons was worth the investment and more. Matt is passionate about helping people and you can see that as soon as you spend time working with him. Once you start the process, you realize that it is more than about getting your resume updated or getting prepared for an interview. Matt pushes you to think about what’s important to you and helps guide you towards your ideal career goals. You will have received your money’s worth even if you walk away with an updated resume and some new interviewing techniques — but as soon as you start working with Matt, you’ll find that he has so much to offer and you see his true passion to help people!”

— Ash Hans, Technical Program Manager

“When I first came to Career Horizons, the in-depth knowledge that Matt had was incredible. He hit my issues right on the nose. The tests I went through were also very enlightening. I did not realize what was truly important to me in a career until I saw it in black and white. In addition, Matt has tons of resources available that specifically matched my interests. I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue down my same career path or branch off and have my own business, so Matt put me in touch with a business broker to get those questions answered. I feel like Matt was there only for me. He answered every question I had and I could tell that his depth of knowledge on career and job search success was never-ending. He has a strong handle on what is happening out there in the workplace, and whether you spend one session with Matt or continue with him until you find your dream career, you will not be disappointed. It was worth very penny and more!”

— Maureen Nixon, Software Consultant

“I found Matt after weeks of researching professionals who offer career guidance. Matt is clearly the most competent I have ever met. The methods and tools he provides uniquely structure one’s career advancement efforts.”

— Rosalind Marinou, Management Consultant

“I have known Matt for several years now and have worked with him in several capacities. First, having hired him to provide outplacement support to a departing employee, Matt provided practical and meaningful support and quickly customized a career transition plan to meet this individual’s needs. As a result, it opened up a solid and satisfying career path for the person in question. In addition, when I was later in a job search, myself, Matt was  very helpful in assessing and refining my marketing plan. More importantly, he stayed in touch on a regular basis and demonstrated to me that he really cares about following through on his commitment to help people reach their career goals.”

— Gene Gerrard, Human Resources Executive

“In the past couple of days I was offered a new job. I negotiated the salary and today I accepted the position. Without reading your book, I might not have been as aggressive in my negotiations and I definitely wouldn’t have received the salary and benefits I was looking for. I am now the Quality Assurance Manager at (company name withheld) and the job is just perfect for me. Anyway, thank you for all your help. I will be recommending your services to anyone who asks me how I got this job.”

— Bryan Fry, Quality Assurance Manager

“Matt has been a tremendous resource in my successful job search. Of particular value were the workshops he hosted that concentrated on important aspects of the search process, e.g. networking introductions, creating a self-marketing plan, creating high-impact resumes, interview preparation, and many more. In addition to the group activities, however, Matt was always readily accessible to provide ideas that were tailored to the person’s strengths and unique needs. Matt has the ability to stir emotions and engage an audience as effectively as working with him personally. I regard Matt as a skilled professional with executive presence. I intend on maintaining an on-going relationship with Matt and regard him as a valuable member of  my network of important contacts. ”

— Kent Byers, Supply Chain & Logistics Management Executive

“Matt is unique in the job search coaching domain. He takes a holistic approach for which he has developed comprehensive, effective tools. These empower a serious job-hunter to manage all aspects of the hunt — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Matt is an awesome resource!”

— Alex Blackwell, Financial Management Executive

“Six months ago we found ourselves in a very difficult and unusual position – we were faced with the enormous challenge of finding new jobs. We questioned where do we start the job search process; were our resumes well-written; what kinds of job were we searching for; how does the present job market operate; how should we answer interview questions; how do we market ourselves to set us apart from other candidates? Fortunately, we did not have to face this formidable career transition process alone. Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons helped us immensely with his outplacement  services and we shall be forever grateful for his invaluable input, career coaching and counseling, and very comprehensive training materials. After working with through the customized program he designed for us, we learned how to take personal responsibility in our career paths. Matt’s positive manner and approach made it easier in dealing with the job hunting and employment transition. No question went unanswered.

Matt has a unique gift of turning a negative into a positive, provides amazing support, and has a great talent for writing and editing. These contributions helped changed our fears into hopes, wishes, and goals, and instilled in us a greater sense of confidence. We have happily acquired new jobs, look forward to new opportunities in the future, and feel a deep gratitude to Matt for his  professionalism, friendship, and remarkable expertise.”

— Michael Osburn, Architect — Emily Osburn, Executive Administrator